Women gave birth to 12.5 pounds of giant baby refused to caesarean section

Mother caesarean section giant baby Jiangsu

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27 years old mother

eutocia 12.5 kg giant baby

5 month, Changzhou Xinbei district hospitals in the running of the bulls were pregnant women, Ms. Yang, check after found baby head is larger, the estimated weight at about 10 pounds, the doctor suggested that Ms. Yang cesarean section, but she insisted on the need to birth.

"maternal said he had had two children, is not willing to cesarean section. The director of obstetrics hospital Benniu Zheng Guohua said.

about 11 o'clock that night, Ms. Yang appeared in the production of signs, and then entered the labour room. Production of the baby's head first exposed, but the shoulders are relatively thick, the card is always out of the health care personnel to deal with. After seven or eight hours of hard work, at 7:35 in the morning of May 22nd, the baby landed safely.

"the overall situation of the child after birth is still good, but taking into account is a huge child, we suggest that the child will be sent to Changzhou Children's Hospital for further examination. "Zheng Guohua told reporters that the child was born after a net weight of 12.5 kg, is a typical" giant baby". Before the

birth birth two children

super 9 pounds

according to understand, Ms. Yang, 27 years old this year, seven or eight years ago and her husband Mr. Cai from Xuzhou hometown to work hard in Changzhou, now the couple Business Hotel, has been growing the two children, seven year old son and 3 year old daughter.

two "before the child is born with more than 9 pounds, is natural. My height 1 meters 72, in the home and other towns seized, the doctors gave me an estimate of that baby weight at about 10 pounds. "Ms. Yang told reporters that they usually do not eat much, there is no special meals, and sometimes even a day to eat two meals a day. Did not expect the old weight reached 12.5 pounds.

why Miss Yang three consecutive births are more than 9 pounds of big baby? Reporter from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, several hospitals, maternal and Child Health Hospital of Changzhou City, Changzhou Second People's Hospital learned that in recent years neonatal head a increasing trend, more than nine pounds of baby than in the past a lot of, six or seven pounds of baby instead of less.

"such as Ms. Yang gave birth to the baby's maternal weight, may be related to genetic, more important or pregnant to make up too much, exercise less. Zheng Guohua said.

baby being overweight birth

actually risk very big

yesterday in the afternoon, modern express reporter in the neonatal ward of the children's Hospital of Changzhou city saw the giant baby baby, his head than other baby big circle, crying is also particularly loud. Doctor introduction, this baby 12.5 pounds, equivalent to three or four months of average baby weight. "He's going to eat 8 meals a day, a 40 ml of milk, and the average child is only 10 ml of each meal. Director of the Changzhou Children's Hospital neonatal Li Hong said.

it is understood that the giant baby was born with aspiration pneumonia and right brachial plexus injury, but the situation is not serious, is currently being treated for further observation. "It is difficult to avoid the birth of the baby giant baby, the latter will also observe whether he will have other diseases, because obesity may also lead to a series of endocrine problems, such as endocrine. "Li Hong said.

for Ms. Yang to labor practice, Li Hongxin believes that this is very dangerous. "To have the weight more than 9 Jin Baobao pregnant women, or suggest cesarean section production, because at this time of birth, maternal age may be difficult and even bleeding. Children also have the risk of suffocation. "Four macrosomia

in Nanjing maternity and child birth

Modern Express reporter learned from the Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital

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day last year, according to incomplete statistics, in recent years in the hospital the students the heaviest baby was 6 2 11 kg. City Maternal and child related responsible person recalls, this giant baby is a girl, was born with thick hair, the same as the child of the full moon. Child mother is term gynecology hospital, hospital check estimate child weighed 8 pounds or more, due to the position of the fetal head is not good, so underwent caesarean section operation. Did not expect that, after the baby was born, said he actually had 6 pounds two 11. According to maternal introduction, no special supplement during pregnancy nutrition, but eat more fruit.

5 month 20, Nanjing City, the birth of 5.2 kg of "I love you" baby, this is the most important child this year.

2015 years, the average daily birth of women and children in Nanjing city of 4 weight over 8 pounds of huge children. Medically, the normal fetal weight between 5-8 kg, more than 8 pounds is a huge child. Experts said that now pregnant women in pregnancy nutrition is too good, and lack of exercise, the baby is likely to grow into a huge child. Overweight, is the basis of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. The risk of developing the disease is four or five times as large as that of the normal newborn. When some huge children grow up, intelligence, physique and resistance are less than normal baby.

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