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5 June 19-20, by streaming media network host theme is" Chi era, eyeshot, new vision "fusion of television, smart home industry argues that the summit was held in Chongqing.

rainbow music coo high Veda: theme as" open music video entertainment new ecology "speech .

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high Wei: glad to come here every year to participate in the network, streaming media, last May in Nanjing, is also talking about the content, but there is a difference. Will give Tell us where the difference is. In addition, I am sorry, I am talking about the time when the person sitting is not enough, I hope I will be more and more later, the following we began.

today, the main content has four sections: first, the market environment directly decides the strategy behind the content, content strategy is how. Below the big environment, the first is the needs of policy is we say the operators of the speed, lower fees, due to the needs of these policy for us provides a good environment in before the contents of a large number of high-quality, also called HD content in the basic network run real will make the content into low bit rate available to the user, experience is very poor, as far as I am concerned, I think this is a waste of high-quality resources, experience is very poor. From last year to this year, the whole of the underlying network changes, or changes in the basic services, this situation is changing. Like the cooperation we have with China Unicom, China Unicom center here to give us great support, I provide the film much give me much, 10 to 20 trillion trillion, 4K original piece I can run, I heard was surprised after, later to do the test, at least to 20 trillion sources are no problem, the user experience is very good. At this point there is no big background support, we can not do. And in my opinion, from now on, the real experience of the time before the arrival of the era, that we can play a high quality content. But behind our advantage will gradually with some of the competing product distance.

another level of market demand, the development of Internet plus is the development aspirations of a core Internet era, the integration and application of more and more industries are formed a thrust, let us in the vigorous development of our industry, the development of our business. At the same time, we have a huge advantage is our platform and resources, these resources is a full range of integrated by parent company sea music group, every year about several hundred million to buy the copyright of investment, including IP purchase, integrated into the inside our platform, which is also part of the platform of core value.

just mentioned we in strategic cooperation with China Unicom, China Unicom a 4K hd music business strategic cooperative relations, with China Unicom cooperation, let us see the great expectations and hope.

here speak some dry goods, these operational advantages, the contents of the advantages of fine said, talk about the specific content. Last year at this meeting, I talked about two things: one I think it is time to enter the 4K and HD, all the music content in the transformation, the new integration. Originally our tablets inside the library quite a part is standard definition content, but now a revolutionary change in our library, as the two years all the record companies and artists gradually they while filming the music video, recorded music when considering our demands, the film made of HD, even a lot of 4K made of. These sources after more than a year of accumulation, in our film library formed large enough volume to support the operations of our products.

also a plate, we live, last year started in the field of television broadcast of the prologue, after more than a year of efforts, we do the many games, I remember singing will live the 10 field, is a large personal concert, there are a number of small concert live have also done a lot, and Music Festival, last year the Hong Kong Music Festival, including this year has just finished the cool music festival, and May 1 for the first time with Chongqing cable together concert live project is Huang Zitao Nanjing concert. We live, the two important elements reflects the US in terms of content resources huge advantage, at present only our world music copyright platform can to provide you with such a strong support. These are the collaboration of the record companies, they give us a piece of Library and content to provide an absolutely rich support for the copyright resources, but also our cornerstone.

in the webcast content mainly three categories: one is quality the best solo will live, this part is the first big name artists, tens of thousands of people and thousands of concert. Also a is Music Festival live, every year there are a lot of Music Festival, Music Festival live a good, lasted for a long time, is not an act of point is a section of the act, we are to get the persistent influence and propaganda that a user is very good an experience. Our team dedicated to the music festival, to provide the corresponding support for the concert, including the associated with the nodes, broadcast control, including technical support and after-sales service. During last year's operation, the entire system and the team has been built up, has formed a very good running in the state.

the third category, the smaller small performances and concerts. The audience did not so much, may be one or two hundred people, but artists and quality are very good, we on the scene broadcast is mentioned the live plate inside, because large concert cannot guarantee every day, but the mini concert or performances, to the group of resources, can guarantee very frequent for everyone to push.

key to talk about the case: May 1st this concert, based in Nanjing, to participate in the live concert partners are marked here, bear the brunt of the local host Chongqing cable, our cooperation has reached an unprecedented the height, but also working very closely, the rainbow business to our efforts to support the largest in Chongqing cable platform, including business storage and push, and bandwidth, the page gives us great support resources, and after months of preparations for the first in the field of cable finally completed the first live broadcast specifically, the effect is very good, good what, I want to share a lot of data, but due to the confidentiality agreement between us, the Sub business resources, I do not know if you want to share with the Chongqing cable, if you are interested in it can communicate with them, where not all the data to be publicly broadcast.

in short from from the network data specific to the underlying business product manager, are to us the live process and product sales hit full marks, everyone was very excited to put the project very good carry out, to put behind 66 continuously and continued live content to take over. In the inside with IPTV provinces do a lot together, like blockbuster side has been our long-term partner, because the blockbuster is responsible for helping us to the concert live has been pushed to the provinces of telecommunications, they cover the area, after all, broadcast control problem by him to solve, so this piece we have been more peace of mind. In the Internet end this time to do the new cooperation, with mango TV, equivalent to a try, we as a mango has been a close cooperation, including mango super girl, I am the singers content, their IP basically are our group would have to buy the main content, because our brothers cool dog and cool in the use of the audio content. In addition to the cable under the KTV attempt, such as cooperation with K meters.

the concert will why want to focus on talking about it, I think it has a milestone significance, in addition to our original cover of the Internet, IPTV field for the first time with the cable is close to try, before always said not wired system, effectiveness not wired, but after the experiment, I think is OK, but the user experience is very good, so to share with you.

here is we in the broadcast field some plans for this year and a list, like large activities, music festival, this year there are students music festival, the Xiangjiang River Music Festival, and his cool music Asia Festival, these are the main project. Which involves the artist is very rich, diverse, first, second, various types of, pop, rock, are covered in the, together with our team last year, have the overall experience of a music festival the, so this year I believe will do better, also hope to have interested partners to negotiate with us, of course, we hope to have more friends to join our live inside the club to. It also has a contract with us, there are economic exchanges, copyright partners, some artists and brokerage firms, including their small performances and their large concert. Style= white-space: "normal >

just focused on the main content of a category of resources, and in general what these contents are. Back to talk about in the block layout, also is the rainbow as a whole strategy, is now a to the era of the content is king, rainbow has gradually began to introduction of exclusive content to the content production is I emphasize our ecosystem. This is the beginning of our ecological, making the content. Originally we only provide some MV and karaoke OK service, now with the significant adjustment, the original many people said rainbow is k song, not a karaoke bar, take us to a karaoke bar contrast company, I have to correct the wrong, rainbow is to make music, just in the shape of the product contains k song this product, only this, I have more content can and we provide.

at present, we provide their own production and music drama, this is our group has been in the investment of the filming and production of content. And music of the micro film, music variety show, music variety show rainbow side is responsible for a plate is star interviews, has recorded four period, now in some areas of platform for submittal to the line, first phase is Huang Qishan.

in addition to the focus of the plate is VR concert, you are in VR concept, at the beginning of this year began to VR fire was a mess, I want to say is what. We are not responsible for the VR, VR, because I think it for entertainment, the plates for our music is helpful and demand. Huang Zitao concert and Asian Festival these two activities have been VR recording, people may have seen the news, said the storm, storm add sea music group, become our equity side, storm of VR technology will also applied to our platform. We now see the VR concert recording, their team is making, I expect in the second half of the year may be faster, as long as everyone's box, everybody's platform to support our VR technology, your users will be able to see our VR scene singing. This is our biggest layout in the user this year, we want to give these experiences to the user side, can make you feel immersive. Of course, the two sections of the also in continuous exploration, because the initial recording VR products may is a single bit, the latter will consider switching of multi seat, you can sit here, can sit there and we also in constant technical attempt.

summarizes the content and our own in many development projects, all is we're in a transformation in the ecological, is our entire own ecological chain began. If blindly buy someone else's resources to bring others resources can not be sure to maintain our life as a whole, you know it is a huge cost, and copyright cannot here in the US, so the beginning of this year more and more content of our own making. Has just introduced the concert, like our own group's several artists, like Sha Baoliang, Huang Zitao belong to the group's artist agency. This year we are going to do concerts, from the box office, these things are our own operation, copyright is to go inside the whole rainbow of library, and concert the online distribution and sales, live plate it is up to us to do, you can see this is a panoramic scene of our ecological. Why do I have to say this concept.

below is specific some of this year 's cooperation, college students' Music Festival, the original music charts, and integration platform, the mobile terminal and the television side of platform integration together, because the cool dog cool is a company, the all music content, original content, and contests and activities on the operation of some of the content is placed inside, form a multi screen interactive force. In this activity, the group also invited more than and 20 heavyweight artists to help out, to participate in activities to students.

this is we just talked about, our homemade column. Now the name is" new view ", Huang Qishan first phase of behind, there are still a lot of contents, to constantly update to the rest of the platform above later. Around the TV platform and IPTV platform launched a new column, the column temporarily secret, everybody when the time comes to to TV platform to experience.

in the fourth part, want to talk about the dry up, we said the so much, do so much, the content, live or, entity content or, on-demand content or. How can we get it to be realized. Many of my friends asked me what is your business model, we start the business model is to demand based, is to pay on demand, either we divided into either to I guarantee we divided. This model looks very simple, but not what novel, everyone in the aspects of cooperation to the creation of value is limited, so to create some new modes of cooperation, here and we exchange. First for our artists are the powerful group of fans, every artist has his fans, many of the audience, our film library is very big, can to mobilize these fans economy and allow him to consumption in our business platform, can give everybody to introduce, you can see cool dog and cool music client, they sell a product, is the headset, do burst music headphones. I heard they told me, sales volume is good, because their overall client reach 2 billion, while the amount of users and is not to say that is independent of the client IP, but body mass and daily living and live in is very large. Our understanding of the data they each month to sell more than 1 00000 a headset, this data is very scary, a headset sell 100 dollars, so what's the resulting ideas, I think these data can give me a lot of share, is how are we going to mobilize these fans to mobilize these users, let them go up consumption in our platform. In addition to the content consumption, consumption around them, itself our rainbow has many of the artists of peripheral products, derivatives of Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, Andy Lau and Xu Wei's all Blue Lotus brand products. These products can be in the platform inside, so that it can find its audience.

another point, I think is more important, we in the concert will this end, live in the end, this time pattern is foreign sales, user 30 bucks a demand, sell well, to see paying to see Huang Zitao concert must be one of his fans. There is a pattern, if we are free, we can do it, I had experienced the several rounds of discussion, a few friends with whom I talk can also, because they did some tests and understanding. Some of the data analysis, the free users can come in many, may the during the live broadcast in tens of thousands of people, you have to know the real singing a title and artist level, from several to tens of millions of different, his title is actually in the promotional period all advertising record out, and thousands of people in this field coverage can sell such a high price. Our online live why can not, the super game can sell to sell live, sell advertising, we so the quality of the singing will resources why not? The same, we put the wheel to push around and around you can advertise, advertising sales and the patch can be done, since sovereignty in your hands, each covering the user there are millions of, can promote the user to advertising, to your advertising users find their user groups, so I think more important is the new model of development and try to.

Yang Kun in good voice often open joke said, I this year 32 concert, here I want to speak I am 32 concert, itself is a resource, if your customers know you this year 32 games live, and this 32 live, every broadcast you can advertise on the inside, do the title, patch, do a lot of stuff in there, I believe there are people willing to pay, there are many advertisers are willing to pay. Traditional advertisers, they focus only on a number of TV stations and some outdoor media, and now they are concerned about some of the Internet media. But I think we do this screen is the best media, media value has not been fully reflected and play out, TV for so many years, I think the TV screen, this experience is getting better and better, to my feeling is every day each month are in something new, changing and beside me there is more and more people, from the mobile terminal, PC end returned to the TV side, they think the television side of the experience is very good. TV not before, not only is the TV no, basic services not, operators of the pipeline not, our pipeline operators is now very good, the hardware and software of bandwidth, TV reached a qualitative leap, then I think if we do this screen, the content of the quality good push, advertisers will go to the screen above, this field I think is more big blue ocean, rather than the whereabouts of user fees, of course, this is my idea, here is to exchange and share, also hope to everyone can give you advice and negative. Style=

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