Taiwan authorities to Japan's new compromise was fierce batch of the Kuomintang

The Kuomintang authorities ball nationality rocks

guanchazhewang· 2016-05-24 09:47:10

Zhou Zhiwei < Zhou Zhiwei questioned, during the administration of President Chen Shui Bian, there is a "Japanese Government ships entering Chong bird 200 nautical miles waters law enforcement and public in Taiwan provided the ship left" the tacit understanding, Cai team would extend this understanding? He called on the team should maintain strong team Ma Cai local position, safeguard fishing rights, must not have the slightest concession. < p > part of Internet users in Taiwan direct grant new Taiwan authorities "selling out Taiwan": "Green Mei, sell the true face of Taiwan will be exposed"; "how can green maggot and her Japanese father 'dialogue', when the time comes is not knees then imperial! "

" Taiwan and Japan Marine hotline "announced at a delicate time

" the Executive Yuan "spokesman Chen Yuan Tung day commitment will continue to protect fishing, not recall at present in red bird in the waters near the" sea patrol office "and the fisheries agency of fishing patrol boat ship, but I hope both parties keep calm, do not have anything that would increase tensions in the operations. He also announced the end of July will be set up Taiwan day ocean hotline, then launched the first dialogue. < previously, Taiwan's foreign ministry had told legislators question said "has urged Japan to accept our proposal, to sit down and negotiate", but did not get a response, the Japanese.

Taiwan new authorities have just came to power, but can immediately announced that it will set up a Taiwan Ocean hotline, if there is the Japanese side of the recognition and tacit approval, the tacit understanding is evident. Currently the Japanese side has not yet expressed its position. < / P > < p > Chen Yuan Tung / > said, maintain friendly relations between Japan and Taiwan on Taiwan's overall foreign relations is very important, between Taiwan and Japan do not respond to each other to take any increased tensions in the action, and should actively expand and accumulate in marine affairs constructive dialogue and cooperation, based on maintaining the common perception of friendly relations between Japan and Taiwan, the two sides decided in the framework of the association of East Asian relations and Exchange Association, as soon as possible to set up and start the marine affairs cooperation dialogue mechanism. < p > although the KMT also pay attention to "Japan Taiwan relation" -- Ma Ying Jeou himself had met with visiting Japanese when, its position as a "privileged partnership"; although the KMT also hope that through dialogue to resolve disputes in fishery, but Ma Ying Jeou always adhere to the red bird is "reef" non "island", Okinotori reef no 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone. From the Okinotori reef dispute, you can get a glimpse of the pro Japanese level DPP authorities, as the earlier comfort women class struggle.

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