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parents do not think that the baby in the mother's stomach, they do not have their own emotions. Unborn baby has long been thought and emotion, they like my mother do something, don't like mother what to do, they have a significant response. Then let the belly of the baby happy way, the mummy know?? < to before birth, the fetus will be in the mother's womb spend about 280 days time. During this period of time, the fetus and the mother can be said to be the heart of the same, the fetus from the mother's influence is far more than the mother's imagination. He not only through the umbilical cord from his mother there to get nutrition and oxygen, healthy growth, but also to be able to accurately feel the mother's psychological changes.

your feelings will be directly transmitted to the fetus, remember: relax, improve mood!

diet, sleep, exercise, to try every means to relax their feelings. If you are always in a state of tension and fatigue, then the fetus's emotions will be affected. So, quasi mother can use what way to relax?

1. loudly sing love songs

music can bring people relaxed and happy feeling, let mommy relax, Mommy is in a good mood, the unborn baby nature can feel. Pakistani children not mother every day to sing it! Mummy may wish to sing every day a few songs,! < sing make you relax. Hum songs or to Cara OK singing can improve the mood, eliminate tension. Mom relax, baby naturally happy at ease.

2. walking

walk can drive away the body's fatigue feeling, let a person get a happy mood. Every day after dinner, along to familiarize yourself with the small flower diameter walking, walking and the unborn baby chat, tells the story of a day you saw and heard, and children share beautiful scenery in the dusk, I think is a very warm and happy thing. < in good weather, the fresh air when walking is not only a kind of enjoy, still can let his stomach baby enjoying the sun bath and a slight concussion to bring the massage effect, he will like you in a good mood! < walking can call father together, a family of three have said laughing, with longing for a happy tomorrow, children although mummy is still in the stomach, but he was already feeling to love from parents infinite.

3. reading

pregnant for the children to create a good reading environment, let the children feel the words bring happy and nurtured in a comfortable environment, abdominal gas poem from China is so out of practice of. Mummy can also be quietly reading to listen to the baby, parent-child reading is a very happy thing Oh! < find some classical Chinese and foreign fairy tales, in the light of slow music, gently read to the unborn baby to listen to, baby will like this kind of feeling very much. If Mommy is busy, you can use more than ten minutes before going to bed to read and baby fetal education. Find something you like to do,

pregnancy to often cast their own good, doing what they like to do is the best way to relax. Practice calligraphy, embroidered cross stitch, even if it is to play the game, as long as you do not let yourself too tired, anything to make themselves happy. Mother happy, through the placenta and umbilical cord blood and oxygen to the fetus will be particularly adequate, the baby will feel.

5. regular life

after pregnancy, regular life for children is very important, because many cases leads to child development hindered appears is because of problems with the mummy's law of life. For example, smoking, drinking, staying up late to the child's injury can be said to be fatal, pregnant to stay away from. After pregnancy, it is best to light diet, pay attention to adequate intake of nutrition, early to bed and early to rise, stay away from alcohol and tobacco and secondhand smoke, regular life.

6, stay in the crowd

under physical conditions permit, try to keep working until in the crowd, and helped in the pregnant this matter attention to work, the elimination of tension.

7, to his stomach baby reading

and fetal AC very interesting, sing and speak, read picture books etc.. According to read to him the order of pronunciation of a word a word, and a page of text and pictures to the TA, with his stomach baby communicate. The mother's voice brought her baby voice stimulation can make fetal mood.

8, listen to soothing music to sleep

nap time listen to some soft music can make the mood more comfortable. This rest 40~60 minutes of physical strength will be able to get back. Have music not only the mood will be good, but also can let the mother of peace of mind, a good sleep. < p > your food is required for fetal growth of nutrients and energy sources, should be carefully chosen. < p > quasi mother's food and nutrition is the source of fetal life, bad diet habits and wrong choice will let the fetus affected, therefore, to master the knowledge of correct diet is very important.

9, regularly eat, eat less food

regular diet is conducive to maintaining good physical condition. Mothers should try to choose fresh food, a variety of food should also be rich with a little. At any time, do not like to eat anything on a mad eat, do not like to eat when, do not eat at all. Eat more meals, not only to ensure that the energy balance of intake, to better control the weight, but also more important is to be able to help expectant mothers to ensure stable blood glucose.

10, careful to chew a very important

nutrition balanced diet, but also to absorb a good line, thin chewing is the best way to improve the absorption rate. A mouthful of food should be chewed at least 20 times before swallowing, which is not only conducive to digestion, but also a good way to control body weight.

11, rely on food fiber and lactic acid bacteria to prevent constipation

food fiber, lactic acid bacteria and water can effectively prevent constipation. The plum and fig mixed yogurt consumption can also effectively prevent constipation. For mothers to be easy to lack of calcium and iron, you can drink milk, eat small fish, calcium plus flour, beef and other supplements.

12, caffeine, not only in coffee is

coffee, tea, cola contains caffeine. Therefore, if you really want to drink, it's best to drink a little, feel the aroma. If there's no way to give up coffee. Teach you tips, with hot pure milk coffee, and always improve milk ratio, such as in proportion to the ratio of 1 to 9 of coffee. Until the last drink pure milk. If the rest of the coffee beans can be put into the container, as in addition to flavor, the flavor can eliminate the tension.

13, drink plenty of water, drink less

pregnancy blood flow and metabolism increased mothers should drink plenty of water, otherwise, not enough blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. It is best not to use sugar containing drinks and fruit juice instead of the normal replenishment.

tips: on the wrong understanding of the water replenishment

some swelling, should control the amount of water.

do not control drinking water. To control edema is mainly to control the intake of salt. If the water shortage, will make the blood circulation is poor, nutrition, it is difficult to reach the fetus where the. But the replenishment should also be appropriate, 8 glasses of water a day, about 1200 ml more appropriate.

the air you breathe can be passed directly to the fetus, and should be careful about environmental pollution.

expectant mother's food is not only important, even the mother's breath of air on the fetus is also very important. Although invisible to the naked eye, but if the mother inhaled air contains harmful substances, it will directly affect the health of the fetus.

14, not close to the people who just smoke

try not to close to the people who smoke. Has just been a place where smoking, it should be waiting there after the quasi mother to enter the air. Whether the air contains nicotine can not be judged by the naked eye is not able to judge, the mother can rely on their own sensitive to smell. As long as the surrounding air is not good, it should be far away from. In public places, such as in restaurants, try to choose to sit in the smoking area.

15, at home and in the office should pay attention to the ventilation

if prospective father smoking or colleagues smoke, and they can communicate with them, let them to the balcony or corridor. If you can not do, then try to pay attention to the air at any time, to keep the air fresh.

16, avoid the use of vacuum cleaner

cleaning, try to use cloth dust, do not use the vacuum cleaner. Because the use of a vacuum cleaner when it will be released some dust, and with a wet cloth will be much better.

17, air purifier for dealing with polluted air

if mothers are allergic constitution, can make use of air purifiers remove allergens in the air.

18, wearing surgical masks and dirty air said the bye bye

frequented public places, especially often sit bus or subway mothers should wear a mask. Wearing a mask is the best way to deal with air pollution. But in fact, it is better to be the mother of a small number of places should be less.

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