Man on the bus indecent girls will act in the process of feeling written diary

Man Yue Liang groping girl shooting

anhuiwang· 2016-05-24 13:45:53

< p > the man on the bus obscene pretty girl: video cameras to write diary molestation < p < p > according to Bengbu news network reported that the summer is coming, clothes to wear thin. "Groping" and just around the corner. People especially women, take the bus, if encounter groping in a timely manner to avoid or help. Recently, Longzihu district court is a man of prosecution, the man several times in the bus of molesting a young girl and using a mobile phone to obscene shooting down the process, to meet their own needs. < p < p > during the Spring Festival this year, 25 years old man Liang Yue (a pseudonym) take bus No. 103, standing in the middle of the car, he found a young girl standing at the side, the car is crowded, Yue Liang went to the girl next to, closely rely on the girl behind before and after the shaking body and to play mobile phone cover, shooting the obscene. When the bus is about to dock in Nangang four bus station, the abnormal behavior of the car was in the car with the girl's mother found that the girl's mother immediately stopped the act of Yue Liang, and call 110 police. < p > alarm, the police will Yue Liang arrested, and in its coat seized the shooting of indecency of mobile phones. And this is not the first time in the implementation of the Yue Liang obscene. Longzihu District Prosecutor's office was informed that, Liang Yue in the Spring Festival holiday period, dozens of times on the bus pick beautiful young girl obscene, and the obscene shooting down the process, at the same time, the obscene process, feelings written down.

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