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< p class =" pictext "align =" center "> Sina Technology Zheng Jun < p < p > last week's Silicon Valley Google I / O conference site, millet is responsible for the vice president of international business of Bala, Hugo Barr, as he wore T-shirts as red busy show millet just released new products, busy for accepting an interview with the media at home and abroad, busy and passing friends greetings and laughing, even the water time. < p > Bala so hot it is easy to understand. After all, he had in Google's Android sector trip is regarded as return to his former club. Although only belong to the middle position, but often in a major conference on stage to show new products, so it is also known as a small celebrity staff.

but this is not the time to baalah. The Google I/O conference, millet unexpectedly released a Google TV Android platform based on the millet box, will face the U.S. market sales. Although, in an interview, did not disclose the specific time to market and the pricing of the set-top box, only said that has not yet been determined. But the person in charge of millet TV micro-blog has announced that the U.S. version of the millet box will be listed in August sales.

this is not the first time in the United States to enter the U.S. market millet. In early 2015, millet once held a media conference in San Francisco, announced the launch of the official website of the United States and stores. But more than a year in the past, millet products sold in the United States is limited to smart bracelet and mobile power and other ecological chain products, and did not get involved in mobile phones, tablet, TV and other core products.

millet President Lin Bin said in an interview with me, smart phones and television in the United States can not be listed on the urgent need to do a lot of preparatory work. He did not avoid the issue of patent.

then why now millet in the United States to sell TV boxes, this has a clear MI logo in the U.S. market has the box to play it? Barak and millet in charge of the project engineer Xu Rui introduced a number of products and R & D insider to me.

from the appearance, the U.S. version of the millet and the domestic version of the box is almost no different. But in the internal configuration, because Android TV system (domestic MIUI), American version using the AMLOGIC custom chips (domestic version of the box chip has also been this home offers), memory and flash memory upgrade to 2GB and 8GB (domestic is 1GB and 4GB). In other words, the U.S. version of the millet box is actually a new upgrade configuration products. < p > and domestic edition compared, the American version of millet box no airplay function, which means that users of Apple devices do not by millet box video playback, but Android mobile phone users can directly through the cast projection will phone video cast to broadcast TV. < p > in the interface, the American version of millet box and domestic edition distinct, just on Google Android TV based were slightly changed. Integration of youtube, etc. many applications and content play store app. Millet himself to talk about the content of cooperation Pandora and SlingTV are also in which.

so millet box in the United States have play? Why should the first millet to enter the U.S. market?

in the current mainstream TV box Market in the United States, the major competitors include Google (Chromecast and Player Nexus), Amazon TV Roku, Fire and apple TV Apple. Each has its own platform and content ecology. This is also the main competitor of the millet box in the United states. < p > according to the market research firm strategic analysis data, chromecast with low price and cross platform advantages, in the fourth quarter of last year in the United States flow media player market with up to 35% of the market share, Apple TV to 20% of the share ranked second, and Amazon and roku market share is 16. Four occupy the U.S. streaming media player market close to 90% of the market share.

although millet in the United States science and technology industry is small, but for the United States is still an unknown ordinary consumers foreign brands. To open the market in the United States, what is the advantage of the millet box? < p > Bala revealed that although the price of millet box has not been released, but in the United States will flagship high price and the Android ecosystem strategy. At present, the U.S. market hardware parameters and millet box is priced at $130 Roku 4, while the price of millet boxes should be below this level.

however, only in the case of the same application and content attractive, the user may consider the hardware price. Millet box based on TV Android platform, has an advantage in the application of rich. But the third party video content is still need to negotiate millet himself.

is currently in the United States to discuss the main or in the United States is to discuss the content of partners, including Pandora, SlingTV, Netflix and other mainstream content providers, which are in the lead by Google millet himself to discuss the. Future can be signed more mainstream content providers, will also be the main test of millet box and the future of television in the United states.

although Google has its own Player Nexus, but the market is far less than the sales Chromecast; Google also does not pay attention to this TV box, very few advertising promotion. According to Barak introduction, millet box will at best buy and other public sources, millet official website mall sales in america. Compared with Google's own TV box Player Nexus, millet box parameters higher, to support the 4K and HDR features.

American version of the millet box has a TV Android platform, in terms of application richness to occupy a certain advantage. But compared with the Amazon, roku and apple, millet to American consumers just a small overseas manufacturers, in the brand value undoubtedly in absolute Lee. Future sales prospects of millet box, perhaps more depends on the United States in the United States brand marketing and channel construction.

but, in the United States to sell boxes is not the only goal of millet.

Android although TV

platform release has been nearly two years, but in addition to Chromecast, there is no popular set-top box equipment. Android TV set-top box after NVIDIA also published a support for 4K, but the market average. Google also hopes to have more strength manufacturers to join their TV platform. Therefore, the initiative to contact the millet Google in the United States released TV Android set-top boxes, Google has also been a lot of support.

in the recently released VR platform DayDream platform, millet and HUAWEI, ZTE has become the first to support the Chinese manufacturers. In order to develop the U.S. version of the millet box, millet engineers stationed at least half a year in Silicon Valley.

although millet has launched the mall in the United States, but there is no official U.S. office. Millet box research and development work is completed by expatriate engineers. Perhaps millet box in the United States market sales, but also the official formation of the U.S. Department of the accident at the same time. < p > with TV box testing the waters to the United States market, gradually establish brand awareness, set up marketing and sales team, and strengthen cooperation with Google, for more products in the future to do preparation, perhaps is the real purpose of the millet.

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