From public comment to the establishment of a public comment to light up the capital, Long Wei want to say?

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[billion euro introduction]  see Weilong, he is busy with tinkering with office display frame, the frame is various honorary certificate, according to the life and once public comment the core management team travel photo. From the number of thousands of people to re start, Long Wei how to look at their own change?

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see Wei long. He was busy fiddling with the Office Exhibition on the photo, the photo is all kinds of honorary certificates, photos and once public comment the core management team travel photo. See, to become investors, Long Wei obviously a little more comfortable "". < br style = "box-sizing: border box; />

beauty group the public comment after the merger, outside material, public internal review of appropriate personnel changes, the whereabouts of the most concentrated speculation is investment. March 30, Weilong lighting capital was officially opened, participate in the matter and before the public comment, co-founder of Li Jing (long executive director and business manager, Li Jing of the board of supervisors, the registered capital of 200 million yuan).

lighting capital of the full name is (Tianjin) Asset Management Co., Ltd. lit, but the headquarters still fall in Shanghai Zhongshan Park near the headquarters of public comment. Room dozens of square meters, not too large, in addition to the outside reception area, there is a small conference room, most cases, Long Wei will be in small conference room and project communication.

opening day, Long Wei in the circle of friends write such words: light fund at the end of last year have begun to work, has invested 4-5 projects, such as pumpkin cart, store treasure, psychological, HRday etc., and three or four projects in close tracking among. < strong > this, Long Wei told billion euros, capital light currently involved in the case almost all public comment of the old staff. In addition capital light has also invested in U.S. group 10 employees Shenpeng venture mutual water droplets, and cast a person involved in music education platform sound small coffee.

to billion euros memories in the decade of the public comment, Weilong describe" a wonderful, touched, struggle, there is warmth; however, a world without scattered feast. "< strong > public comment most memories, most make a person happy period is the number in the less than 100 people when < / strong >", kind to each other and to invoke the name of feeling let Long Wei feel very "temperature". Today, more than a dozen people in the entrepreneurial team, still will arouse the enthusiasm of the Dragon Wei first venture, in fact, very interesting to do investment, the equivalent of a way of life to choose a new way of life. Contact with a new batch of entrepreneurs feel that they are very young, very happy, there is passion". < style = "box-sizing: border box; />

Weilong of another identity is Xinmei advisory, compared to the previous assume management functions is finely things hold. Now he will be more by the investor's perspective to help business people, such as the interpretation of legal provisions and related interests, resources docking. Style=

from the number of thousands of people to re start, how to look at the differences between their own and professional investors?

" after all and professional investors temperament is not the same, we compare the grassroots, Weilong pointed to his body slightly wrinkled shirt smiled and told billion euros; in addition, in the financial mechanism of the professional level, as well as feelings, are two different places. "Professional investors put entrepreneurs as numbers, rather than the professional background of early investors to make investments to a large extent is in the selection (team)."

Weilong listed their own investment and investment areas, such as not to vote unmanned scientific and technological content, such as excessive project --" because they do not understand; main cast life service - "because of the familiar".

face Xinmei, what other investment opportunities?

merge after the" Xinmei "like a shelf life of local service carriers, intuitively covering most areas in life service. Therefore hear someone questioned in the face of new, then cut into this area if there is opportunity.

in this regard, Weilong expressed from three points of view:

1) market dispersion means that there are opportunities, entrepreneurs many is still a fragmented into difficulty on behalf of the field. Entrepreneurs in the early should not eager to think of quit or was the acquisition of large Xinmei, but should first get stores do 5000 and even 10000 to talk about other; marriage

2) are optimistic about the low frequency and high frequency of beauty salons, children's education, such as maternal and child around entrepreneurship in family life. Internet industry are generally young, users get married and have children, big in the investment proportion of household level;

3) value more opportunity for segmentation and depth, such as small handmade custom shop.

" if the project is not seeking capital but was rejected is because I can't find the investors, most of the early stages of a project is not suitable for searching large investment institutions ", in the eyes of Weilong, Xinmei is platform, the platform is full of opportunities.

on the life service program, hundreds of millions to billions of opportunities abound. Many projects on the use of a billion dollars in the unit calculation, but Long Wei think in a more segmented areas, can do more than ten to two billion dollars is very rare. Style= margin-top: "20px >

experienced psychological and identity changes, this is the Long Wei of another venture, in the sense that the expected. Lighting can be such as the name of the "light", but also worth our look forward to. (billion euros in Shanghai

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