The 27 sudden opening of the Soviet Union and the U. S. military aircraft after the opening of the board

The United States military action deceleration plate.

gaofengjunshiguancha· 2016-05-25 00:48:57

serious point is to use alarm action, usually in our side to the small velocity difference of continuous attack action, meaning is warning aircraft to cross the border and exit immediately. The worst is "shooting" to warn each other, in the lateral side of the target, parallel slightly near the front, with a single gun shot at the front, meaning "immediately altered course. "How should the target be blocked? It also has to sway the wing, and immediately change course, if in the evening, and also the rules of flashing lights. See, it means ". "

if the above three warnings are not valid, then the next can only be forced to move away from the external force. If it is the day, you can make a continuous attack to the target or the use of a large angle into the intercept method of impact; at night, then do a continuous attack on the target. These are meant to tell each other, "fly out.". The Soviet air force but was called to fight ethnic is generally too lazy to use such a gentle means, to take action not scary hop is scared to death of people.

in the U. S. air force of teaching senior pilot talked about a thing that personal experience, and the Barents Sea over the scalpel "events, or Cold War Red Air Force Su-27 fighter flooding from the United States reconnaissance aircraft. American pilots at the beginning of the aircraft flying with the Soviet aircraft did not very much care about. But let this Su 27 upside down to do away from acting, and flavorfully, that he forgot to timely evacuation. Suddenly Su - 27 a hook action turned over to the American spy plane behind her, and then straight to beauty machine over the front and suddenly opened deceleration plate to the a air brakes. < had shaken the military reconnaissance flight had answered a God to come, I saw a stream of oil flow from the Su-27 fighter jets discharging oil valve spewing out, military reconnaissance plane glass cockpit moment a blur, and pilot panic also let the reconnaissance plane flight status become quite dangerous. Managed to stabilize the aircraft, they found that "diarrhea" Su 27 had already left. It is clear that the red air force for the U.S. military has a lively adventure flight lesson. But overall, "provocation" against the United States Marine ship and reconnaissance aircraft, the air force is quite a Soviet set.

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