North Korea refused to meet with Kim Jeong-eun: Donald Trump will talk rubbish

Trump Kim Jeong-eun North Korea rejected

huanqiuwang· 2016-05-25 00:50:40

Xu Shiping said that the right to see and not see the decision in the hands of the supreme leader Kim Jeong-eun. He thinks, Trump's rhetoric is "nonsense", just to give his campaign publicity campaign only, his theory itself has neither meaning, also does not have the sincerity.

Xu Shiping pointed out that as a responsible nuclear country, North Korea has promised not to use nuclear weapons first. But if the United States first use the nuclear weapons, North Korea will make a response. He said that if the United States to adjust its consistently hostile toward policy and a change in attitude, the DPRK in conjunction with the United States development of normal state to state relations. As for South Korea, North Korea has proposed the high-level military talks, but South Korea rejected the proposal. < / P > < p > trump / > on the 17th of this month, told Reuters in an interview with has said that he in contact with on the North Korean leader to open attitude, through dialogue with the way to discourage North Korea to stop its nuclear program, and said he and Kim Jong Un dialogue without any problems.

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