Heavily praying Village: 5200 people signed no fraud fraud undertaking

Fraud praying metamorphosis undertaking

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< fraud army adjacent to the

two villages are along the secret lineage development and growth; < two villages were formed the clan forces against public security; < 50% of village family was classified as the object of the search. < p > uprooted < special action in, Shangrao police detachment was deployed 50 armed police soldiers support; < police from the two villages confiscated the 272 self-made fork, spears 176 branches, 5 crossbow, dozens of pieces of bullet proof helmet, bullet proof vests and shield; < key pursuit of 59 fraudsters, 90% have been arrested, so far, Yugan County fraud gang can be described by the roots.

is located in the Poyang Lake Lake area in Jiangxi County of Yugan province is beautiful, but now in the "fraud" stigma. Local officials have helpless self: "outside talk about Yugan, they think of fraud. "< the Ministry of public security at the beginning of the deployment of the 7 college nationwide rectification work, Yugan County Police therefore carried out for a period of a year, the special action, blow" heavily praying "fraud cases, during the first half of the year, 90% of key pursuit object arrested.

Jiang Buxiang stone village and Hong Jia Zui Xiang Tuan Lin Cun, is the special rectification action typical. Every household of

send promotional single

"ten households hung a banner, ten to fifteen households brush a slogan"

from Yugan County of a road to the west, about half an hour can be arrived at the Shi Xi Cun. The only new cement road along the river, glittering letter on the opposite side of the river, is another village forest village fraud group. < p > Yugan Jiang Li (a pseudonym) are well aware of the local customs, he is a private car drivers, in the county, he has repeatedly load a fraud is now, "engage in fraud of the trustee bank to withdraw money, 10% of the Commission, the premise is killed not help who take money. "

18 days, Jiang Li drove with the Chengdu Business Daily reporter depth of Stone Creek and mission forest. In Shi Xi Cun, posted on the roadside brick wall in the red banners strips poured in, the contents of: "to promote the labor rich against fraud and deceptive," crack down on crime of 'heavy' praying telecom network protecting people and property ".

brush slogans, banners are the main means of public opinion in Yugan public opinion pressure, the first half of this year, they brush written propaganda slogans more than 140, hanging banners 110. Shi Xi Cun Cun Wei Hui, leaf longevity, Secretary of the said, every household in the first half of the year made a promotional single, "ten households hung a banner, ten to fifteen households brush a slogan.

are others doing

in the village of store many, just because "fraud did not dare to go into town"

villagers for bearing a "fraud village" reputation, the outside world and communicate their up very difficult. For any problem, the roadside sitting woman uniform asked three I do not know, "I'm married", "others are dry". "Group calling software" village "recording platform" small ads also can be seen everywhere, not the real name registration of the mobile phone number, at present Telecom departments have a wide range of households.

stone, tuanlin village is four or five stories, but the vast majority of new houses have been built in shutdown. Leaf longevity, said the village will have a custom, that is, each year the money went home houses, a house to intermittent cover a few years, "and not their property is frozen. "A scenery store is

one after another of the two villages. Jiang Li said that the fraud foot out of the village, accustomed to local consumption, they did not dare to enter the city, the city was arrested. "

and stone village, tuanlin village banners with banners are. The villagers Li Jian (a pseudonym) said that the stone is the originator of "fraud, compared with them, we are the. He stepped on a motorcycle, clenched his right fist, and stretched out his little finger.

fame change when

"in the outside, and then the same means to deceive people"

Stone Creek, the group of two of the village's ancestors rely on craft to make a living. Tuan Lin Cun Cun Wei Hui secretary in said, Tuan Lin Cun's ancestors to fishing for a living, they were skilled artisans, notoriety, even the city of Nanchang know Lin group name. In recent decades, Tuan Lin started went around the country work, ancestors superb fishing skills also therefore lost, "a work force of 100. Ninety eight a clothing. "

stone village ancestors to make clothing, dustpan, cloth handiwork to make a living. Unlike Tuan Lin Cun, Shi Xi Cun ancestors not fishing, "Xinjiang since ancient times is the mission of the forest, even the river sand are their, now to build a house, we cannot to the riverbank. "Stone Creek Village village committee secretary Ye Changshou said. < p > two village secretary mentioned, villagers alone by fields become more and more difficult, resulting in some villagers embarked on a dishonest. Li Shunchang said, the group is still in the village of 64 labor force is not assigned to the field. Shi Xi Cun is regarded as the birthplace of the Yugan scams, said Hanaga Jusumishi, villagers are in the field of deception after and instead use the same means to deceive others.

since 2010, the Yugan area caught a total of more than 300 fraud, of which more than and 200 were from Stony Brook and tuanlin. Army of fraud is the secret of the family by the development and growth of the family, to the later, the two villages were formed by clan forces against the public security, Yugan police special action, but also to fight. < p > 50% of village family was classified as the object of the search, of the special action of three days ago, Yugan police from the two villages seized a total of 272 self-made fork, spears 176 branches, 5 crossbow, dozens of pieces of bullet proof helmet, plates (anti Stab Vest and a shield.

"uprooted by the"

hope caught the villagers return to "turn over a new leaf"

Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Yugan County, six months before the start of the campaign, in two villages in seized a large number of suspected of being used for heavily praying fraud of computers, mobile phones, bank card, signal transmitter, and so tools. In order to ensure the smooth operation, the police use of unmanned aerial vehicles, Shangrao armed police detachment also deployed 50 soldiers to support. 59 swindlers

the action key pursuit, the 90% have been arrested and sent to the various national trial. At this point, Yugan county is a fraud gang uprooted.

over the past ten years, Yugan county has had a fraud. Yugan county officials admitted that despite the local has spent great efforts to remediation of fraud, but in the short term is difficult to eliminate the negative impact of "fraud", "outside when it comes to Yugan, thought of fraud, even they draw parallels. "The official said," "heavily child and even affect the image of Jiangxi. < p > at present. The two villages, a total of more than 5200 people signed a "not to engage in fraud and other illegal activities," the letter of commitment, as for the next how to transition, temporarily in the field of thinking, local still in pursuit, dimensional stability and work mainly. < / P > < p > in / > in Tuan Lin Cun when the more than 10 years of secretary, secretary, he said, over the past ten years, people in the village in the field what he cannot interfere, and now he faces retirement, burden of transformation of village, "will be submitted to the hands of young people to. "< p > and Shi Xi Cun Cun Wei will Secretary leaf longevity" grievance "is, fraud in Yugan county and other towns, all the outside world hanging in the name of Shi Xi Cun. He believes that the stone caught only a small part, not representative of all stony brook life.

"but we are caught four or five people, that we are not innocent of fraud village. Leaf longevity, said one day when the villagers returned, he hopes they can all start again, to be a man. "

" cheat "heavily child lie behind a telephone, it is a boy or a girl?

Yugan fraud tricks, from the ancient "lost ring" approach step by step evolution, a failure, and a new law.

called the "lost ring", "throw a fake gold ring on the ground, the victim picked up, a lot of people to share". Jiangli, the proliferation of this method, fraud gang went on to invent "cerebral hemorrhage" technique, the commonplace deserted after, in recent years and widely use heavily praying "trick. < p > heavily praying fraud about in 2008 focused on emerging, small wound up in major cities nationwide, heavily praying advertising flood, these small ads claiming to be "has been notarized, attorney office woman has to pay a security deposit. In addition, in recent years, many people frequently late night harassing phone awakened. Some telephone call back, came a recorded heavily praying female voice recordings. Chengdu Business Daily reporter has dialed such calls, found that "Hong Kong young woman," Mandarin posturing is not very standard, examine minutely detail, each other immediately hang off the phone. < p > in the Chinese referee documents online, to heavily praying for keywords retrieval, find the ruling 141, and then to "Yugan county" search, find ruling 55. The ruling has been made in 2014.

this batch of ruling disclosed a heavily praying fraud consistent routine. Anhui Huangshan City Intermediate People's Court of a criminal ruling book finds stated last year, fraud gang in the local to eight households rent, hire someone to watch equipment; public security organs seized 41 laptop, 41 key receiver, 52 transmitters and 700 remainders phone card.

a group of fraud equipment, including a computer, two transmitters, a receiver KEY, 16 phone cards. The equipment after the phone number of connected to each other will automatically hang up, wait for the other side to call back, can automatically play recordings of a heavily praying the fraud. < p > public security organ retrieval the remainders 700 phone card phone records and found that when the March 11 to 16 day, only Zhang Haiwen in which to watch over the five families rental equipment, a total of call the 3032988 telephone harassment. < p > Shi Xi Cun Xiao Fang (a pseudonym) 1 meter tall and 5 head, bloated body, speech and deportment escape not to take off a woman temperament, in the implementation of fraud. She plays is skin white beauty, full of charming widowed woman. She was pregnant was released on bail, which had been the media repeatedly reported. < p > these "young woman," her husband or brother plays the role as a "lawyer", the victim once hooked, they jointly claim "wedding fee", "sincerity", "intermediary fees, lawyers fees" and so on. With voice function of the mobile phone voice, let the male fraudsters part-time "rich woman" is also possible.

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