Brain science reveals the secret of education, regret to know late!

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d.l.hung, China Taiwan famous education experts, Dr. for experimental psychology at the University of California, brain scientists. The first Institute of cognitive neuroscience in Taiwan, China.

education can change the brain

parents can not hit the child, especially in the child's head.

because, this may cause injury to the child's brain physiology mechanism. And once the brain injury, people will encounter obstacles in the physiological mechanism, after Japan and then how through the day after tomorrow's education efforts, the hope is very slim.

does not exist lost at the starting line, 3 years of life, and so on. Because, the human brain has been developing, has been changing, the brain has plasticity, "it's neural circuits can be changed". "Life is a marathon, not a sprint".

"there are no children to be taught. "An early diagnosis of severe autistic children, doctors diagnosed as never to speak. The child's mother after thinking, decided to quit his job, his home with children. Others teach children to speak is to "times" as the unit, and the mother of the child to "ten thousand times" as the unit. Finally, the mother was successful, the child can speak. < p > playmates than toy < many parents have a wrong understanding, that related to the size of the children's intelligence and toys. So, give the child to buy a lot of very expensive toys.

Hong LAN through the study of brain development in children: children, most in need is not a toy, but a playmate. "As long as the children grow up in normal environments, playmates than what all good. If parents can make children playmates toys for children to buy more than senior countless. "

hung LAN against the children lost to the tv. Her research found that 10 month old child, if every day watching TV for an hour, to 7 years old, will be more than a day, less a hour children, increase 10 percent chance of suffering from attention deficit disorder.

to have the discipline to grow

how to develop children's brain? Hong LAN gives two methods: one is the game, one is to read.

she said that when children play, imagination is playing, and imagination is the root of creativity. At the same time, the game is also in the study of interpersonal communication. If you are too fierce, no one likes to play with you, too cowardly people will bully you. All of these can be learned in the game.

she also provided experimental evidence: Children's games, will produce a special kind of material, this material after the extraction, can help the nerve fork fast growth.

and reading is to let the children "calm down" to look at the world, it is the child of the infinite extension of intellectual development.

Hong LAN stressed that regardless of the game or reading, are important, but the discipline is the first.

children will question: do you not tell me to read important? I am reading, why do you want me to do something else?

at this time, parents should tell their children: reading is important, but discipline is more important, you should put your own things to do today.

why? Hong LAN with their own growth experience to share with you: "when I was young, my father told me to do the first thing to do, and the rest of the time, to play and entertainment. Do things like this, it will be much faster, because the heart 'Ann'. "

transforms the error into experience

how to treat the child to make mistakes? Hong LAN through a school's philosophy to tell you the correct answer: in my school, I do not ask you to perfect, I ask you to learn. When you make a mistake, it's not how bad it is, or what's wrong with you. It's important to change the error into an experience.

"the mother of Yoyo Ma, the mother of the Yoyo Ma, who shared the success of Yoyo Ma, had said that she had never called him a bad boy because he was a child. Because the curse will let the children fear of the play, a long time, the child will resist the study of the piano, farther from the piano. Similarly, if we when children learn every day because the score to beat and scold the child, the child will not because of fear learning and become fear fear hands feet? The answer is yes. "

Hong LAN believes that good parents should not only say" NO ", but should be finished in the" NO ", to the child pointed out a way to go. "To allow children to make mistakes, to learn from their mistakes, so that they can no longer make the same mistakes. "< fall, change a place up < in the traditional concept of the Chinese people," where is the fall, is where climb up "seems to have become an iron law.

however, Hong Lan's point of view is the opposite of the way: where to fall, for a place to climb up. Why? Because the frustration is a bad mood, and the growth of the child can take a long short.

Chinese "in the traditional society," all things are, only high school, reading is the only way. ". However, the times are different, diversified social and diversified choices, so that each of us can have a way to go. Where it falls down, your ability is not there.

so, why do you want to persist in the place where you can not get it? Why don't you have strengths in the field make only superficial changes, you make a difference? "< p > she further explains:" now many parents to educate their children is' our ': mathematics learning will not do 10 questions, still won't do 100 questions. The right way should be: "with a long short" development of the child's intelligence. Mathematics is not good to make up the mathematics, this is not used. If you have a gift for English, you should learn English well so that you can drive your child to learn mathematics well. "

Hong LAN quotes

no child can not be taught.

the best way to correct the child's weaknesses is to magnify his strengths. People have strengths, head up, with confidence, learning is easy.

in the past, we all know: where to fall, where to get up. Wrong! Where to fall, get a place to get up!

children's brain development is the most suitable place, is a warm family; the best nutrition is a sense of security; the best stimulus is the parent company.

do not take their children compared with others, the gene is different, the environment is not the same, so the day after tomorrow, it is not fair. Children can only follow their own.

to look at the child with appreciation, you will see the child's strengths; with a positive attitude to look at things, you will find a way to solve. < p > reading this article is selected from the drop the Dalai

further reading: < brain science reveals that the misunderstanding of Education: where to fall, should change a place up! < the | Wenhui education ID:wenhuieducation < / P > < p > < BR, right, as long as the use of brain science experiments to explain, you know -- the so-called strong twist of the melon is not sweet, teaching children to read and study, hard to is really useless, on the contrary, it will produce some terrible consequences. < p > in fact, Professor Hong LAN as the Institute of cognitive neuroscience studies of National Central University in Taiwan. The reason for the frequent emergence of speech in various places is responding to education appears more and more errors, and as the basis of the education of reading, but in the process of test is often ignored. < p > today "Wenhui education" to recommend, is another speech of Professor Hong LAN, because of the very long, so we intercepted one of the few parts of the -- still a long, but the so-called reasoned, only read the specific experiment, you'll understand Hong LAN professor describes those views -- < children originally is unique, as long as parents appreciate the child's strengths, respect his interest, let him from his strengths to develop, the child can healthy growth.

the best way to correct the child's weaknesses is to magnify his strengths.

people have the advantage, the head up, with confidence, learning is easy.

we can see through a lot of experiments, your child's attitude, will determine the structure of your child's brain, as well as his attitude towards learning. < p >] brain constantly according to the distribution of demand in the rest of the world change nerve, your behavior back to change your brain, the brain is the product of the interaction of environment and gene.

for example, there are two kinds of field mice, one living in the hills, one in the grassland. Live in the grasslands of polygamy, live in the hills is a monogamous, in the laboratory of the two male rats brain were scanning will be found, polygynous male rats and its brain tube spatial memory in the hippocampus back is relatively large, because it is to remember which side has a wife. This is changes in demand brought about by the structure of the brain. People are the same.

brain ideas and concepts to guide the behavior, behavior result, the change of brain. From Einstein we got two lessons:

first, the wisdom of the size of the brain is not directly related to the size, but with the density of the nerve and the way. Einstein's brain is only 1230 grams, and in accordance with the height and weight is concerned, it should be 1350 grams is normal.

second, a person can not be good. Brain is like a piece of cake, spatial ability how the, language ability is less -- Einstein spatial ability is quite good, but he is language retardation, three years old called her mother, five years before he could speak, but fortunately he has a good mother, to see where his ability.

the past we all know where the falls, where the climb up. Wrong! Where to fall, get a place to get up! < p > because you here in the fall, prove your ability not here, and if a change, we say 360 line, the champion, now is a pluralistic society, any field play tricks will have food to eat.

what is genius? Genius is the right place, let the child's ability to play out.

before we said that mathematics does not have to do 10 questions, 10 questions not to do 100 questions, one day to do it through. Of course, this is not wrong, because we Chinese believe Qinnengbuzhuo, great determination and courage. < p > but we forget one thing: human life is limited, when the foolish old man of the mountain is removed, the foolish old man is old, this life is over. < p >] the United States a few years ago Brain Science Congress began the relationship between brain and education are studied. On the wall, there is a big sign, if a child does not learn, the teacher did not teach the!

why is this so?! Because any child has strengths, from the strengths, we must be able to bring the child up.

then look at this part,

learning should take the initiative to be useful, will change the neural connection. And the shadow of childhood, will affect the child's brain function development - the nerve will be abused children's brain atrophy, memory will be affected.

don't scold him before he tells the boy to do his homework, because the nervous will cause the death of nerve cells. Students reading if fear, will form a negative cycle.

if the children live in a noisy environment, intelligence will be affected, his brain development is not complete. < / P > < p > "/ > must let the children get enough sleep, because sleep and learning has direct relationship -- when sleep into the fourth stage, the brain will be secretion of growth hormone, serum levels of a hormone and norepinephrine, and memory have direct relation. < p > so, the first cantilever, cone Cigu is not effective, because once sleepy, is the beginning of the first stage of sleep, at this time the man is read into the read-only words can't sentence comprehension.

riweisuosai night dream is a scientific basis, when we are dreaming, benefited from the. Just go to bed to do the dream is the occurrence of the day, until the night after the dream, it is seven days before the occurrence of the.

parenting is not science, is an art. Science has repeatability, and the education of every child can not be the same, you must squat down, from the child's eyes to see the world. < p > parents not snobbish, see children admitted to 100 points on smile, the test is less than 100 points and then put out a pair of smelly face: and 4 points to where go?!

can't think of a child. To give children the opportunity to make mistakes, when he made a mistake, we must forgive him - let the children have the opportunity to explore the outside things, to help his nerve connections. Don't ask him to do the same thing every day.

you want the child to go beyond you, you have to give him beyond your space, do not move on: I eat more salt than you eat rice, over the bridge than you take the road more than … … listen to my right.

you forget one thing, he listens to you, he is great with you, he did not go beyond your space. And what we want is that our children are better than us, stronger than us!

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