The correct posture should be so Tucao aged.

Vintage posture Lei search

PingWestpinwan· 2016-05-25 08:13:29

recently, like fire, it should be since the "VANCL style" where the second times so the fire become fashionable for a time. But this is because every guest in the old CEO show "called" Jay Chou. Jay Chou fans, for a time, vintage was an instant attack, countless people Crusade aging, even Jay Chou Queen's Ci Fang Wenshan also stand out Vintage apology.

vintage was host Liang asked about the recent new T-shirt printing, one of the series is the Mu Dan series. Because aging is like a poet called Mu Dan, so always capricious character launched this may not be as printing of Li Bai's poems is selling T - shirts, and even hand copied many times in his poems expressing affection, also once in public reading.

and do not say this old taste deserves everybody scolds. Was in the program in the aged and began quite boring to on the show to all Amway Mu Dan the poet, said he saw Mu Dan's second son back to their email said agreed to do the series of T-shirts, excitedly hands are trembling. At this time, the host Liang Huan answered, "the feeling is similar to the one we saw Jay Chou. "Metaphor is this vintage interrupt no as the style of an entrepreneur, a black face and stiff, where five seconds. And even very uncomfortable to back such a sentence of no moral villainous words: Mu Dan should dump hundreds of thousands of Jay street, I think, one hundred years later, we must remember Mu Dan, Jay will surely is rubbish. "Close to the host Liang pointed out that Jay Chou is not old rubbish. In the garbage when it is a special meal or measures to become a hot chicken, but this is not important. Scold is Jay Chou or Jay Chou's works is not important, because our main purpose is to criticize him. < p > vintage is really stupid, deserve don't scold, change I will not Jiecha, like you asked me Haruki Murakami and tfboys which is, I compare like, weird, the two can put a piece of than what? Then I certainly wouldn't say just three garbage. And aging also did not specifically said Jay Jay Chou's work, it can also become the attack points. I don't care, you anyway, is in the Jay Chou.

so sum up. 18 following can scold aged swearing, even casually say "junk" so dirty dirty words, cause damage to physical and mental health of minors. Adults can scold aged no entrepreneurs play, although an ordinary people can express their own taste, especially aged the era of people, such as your parents is like the Phoenix legend, don't like Jay Chou, sing hear anything not clear. But as entrepreneurs can not, you represent the company's image, incompetent. I will spit at the age grade is not good, what Mu Dan Vincent Fang, he left hundreds of thousands of street. < p > secondly, do not make this not through the brain of low-level errors, with a big V, for example:

so please everybody do not want to make this kind of masturbation out of low-level errors, to scold or concentrated in aged bad taste, no entrepreneur responsibility sense, easy emotional on. In the aged with total disregard for the interests and image of the company made a such a group of micro Bo cause public relations are unable to:

too emotional of the, entrepreneurs, regardless of the safety of the interests of enterprises and employees, this time didn't stand out to sincerely apologize meaning? Also want to refute? And even the hundreds of billions of Jie fans on the bar? Really rubbish! < p > finally, curse when must emphasize their not Jay's powder is also where the customer is not black, but for this thing to neutral and objective to scold the aged.

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