30 year old man physical examination to detect the follicle stimulating hormone progesterone index

Follicle hormone male index

xinxishibao· 2016-04-18 16:21:48

< p > Averroes / >, he explicitly told accepts the doctor, he is to do physical examination of the eugenics, doctor billing he step by step to do blood tests, but until that afternoon, the Wisconsin returned to the hospital with inspection report and list a series of text and data make it stunned," all female indicators I was really dizzy the, "displayed in the Jihua hospital inspection report on, the Wisconsin test items, including" estradiol, promote follicle stimulating hormone, progesterone "etc. six projects," the doctor told me is sex hormone, also said that didn't make a mistake. "

involving hospital: a full refund

obviously do prenatal and postnatal care experience, how to also examine a heap of female hormone index? Puzzled the avvim spot complaints, but staff reply so that it is not satisfied, "I almost fainted, the sex hormone six women. They also say I have clinical significance, it's not kidding me? "Immediately avik will matter to the hospital," wrong, wrong, says, too irritating. "For this sex hormone six, General Hospita of Guangzhou Military Region, said Dr. Peng, sex hormone six checks mainly for women, men generally do not need to do this check, no reference to their general physical examination. < p > yesterday afternoon, someone's Jihua hospital staff director Guo to Wisconsin called, at the beginning the insisted inspection report still of Wisconsin have clinical significance, by the Wisconsin after repeated questioning, director Guo changed, this is indeed the fault of the hospital. Last night, the hospital of Luo school long told reporters that is indeed hospital errors, and Wisconsin can be returned to the hospital to have a full refund of fees for inspection, "really sorry, we will go to check in the end is where the problem is. "

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