SE iPhone sales surge or will erode the market share of 6S iPhone

IPhone SE sales decline market research Ives

tengxunkeji· 2016-05-25 09:46:29

< p align = "center" >iPhone SE销量大增 或将蚕食iPhone 6s的市场份额

< p > Tencent technology hearing on May 25 news, according to "USA Today" reported, when Apple decided to launch a smaller size, lower priced iPhone se, its purpose lies in consumer capture, such as China and India, the market for the first time to buy the iPhone.

this strategy is very effective at first, and for Apple has won a huge return. Market research firm Nomura said, SE iPhone sales in the first year of the market may reach 30 million, after the agency expects sales of the product in the 10 million to 20 million.

however, the success of SE iPhone or will erode the market share of 6S iPhone. < p > Nomura analyst Jeffrey Joel Kovel (Jeffrey Kvaal) in the report, said: "iPhone se of the strong, the overall demand weak and we heard the news that iPhone se is developed market stolen iPhone 6S requirements."

it is reported, Nomura this research report is based on the supplier and the channel inventory of the situation.

, said: "we believe that SE iPhone has reached a predetermined market, which is China's first purchase of Apple's mobile phone users."

reports that about half of SE iPhone sales come from the United States and China, which is a good reflection of Apple's overseas strategy. Apple CEO Cook Tim (Cook Tim) recently launched a high-profile business trip to China and India, after a long time the Apple's earnings report showed its first quarter revenue fell since 2003. < p < p > on the other, a market research firm IDC chief analytics officer Crawford delprete (Crawford del prete) pointed out that Nomura report emphasizes the smartphone overall weakness, and attention in the low-end products to attract the need for new users.

, according to market research firm Analytics Strategy data, the global smart phone shipments in the first quarter of this year fell 3% to 335 million, which is the first time in the history of the agency records.

Del Prete pointed out that smart phone manufacturers must pay attention to low-cost strategy, the market into too many competitors led to confusion, they are in the United States to launch a war for market share. < p > a greater problem is expected will be launched in September this year, the Apple iPhone 7 is able to turn the tide, reverse the situation ten years history of the iPhone first sales decline. In the recent disclosure of Apple's second quarter results, iPhone sales of 51 million 200 thousand, compared to the same period last year fell 16%.


does not hold a very positive view, it is expected that Apple will be a conservative view of the production of iPhone 7, to prevent excessive inventory. < p > mobile cloud computing synchronoss technologies, enterprise financial and Business Development Senior Vice President Daniel Ives (Daniel Ives) is responsible for that, more important is, apple is one of the earlier rounds of iPhone 6 victims.

Ives said: apple is experiencing other large technology companies in the past more than ten years have experienced the pain of growth. Now the industry is more concerned about the smart phone ecosystem around the software and services, and to expand the footprint of the product to a new growth area." (Eru)

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