Marine Corps for the first time outside of a certain type of air defense missile

Air defense missile Marines operational drone plume

· 2016-05-25 09:51:03

Thailand are both mixed double salvo. Zhou Qiqing < p < br / > the Chinese Navy Thailand sattahip photo May 23 (Xiao Yong, Zhou Qiqing, Yan Jia Luo) local time afternoon 2 when 30 minutes, "blue Raiders - 2016" Thai Marines combined with both sides participating in the training of anti-aircraft training. In the Thai process of slope of Longtan of air defense missile real shot training, launched a total of two types of seven missiles all hit the target. This is the 2010 Sino Thai joint training carried out since the first organized air defense missile firing training courses and China Marines for a certain type of antiaircraft missile first in overseas were firing.

the sun in the sky, suddenly the slope of Longtan national flag fluttering, crowded. Along with the Chinese scene commander commanded, a frame HM drone rushed off, four Chinese striker dressed in camouflage uniforms, handheld launch canister, quickly before the occupation of firing positions.

battery powered, successfully intercepted the target, sound and light signal normal, unlock, launch, the Chinese two main striker almost at the same time to pull the trigger. I saw two anti-aircraft missile plucks a plume, toward the goal, highly of Qi, Qi intersection, in one fell swoop hit a few kilometers outside the infrared source target. Subsequently, Thailand 4 launch team into firing positions. Until the drone of a predetermined route, main striker quickly capture target, decisive launch, the Thai side of a certain type of air defense missile roared out successfully hit the target. This also marks the first time the Thai air defense missile firing has made a good start".

then, in cooperation with the Chinese drone, Thailand has launched 2 air defense missiles. Finally, by our members served as deputy striker, Thailand I use square launchers and missiles, two volleys with the Thai side of a certain type of antiaircraft missile, four missiles were accurately hit the target. 5 pm, firing training ended. < p > "today's firing, both Chinese and Thai training officers and soldiers are showing a strong military quality and good cooperation with the sense of." The scene to observe the Chinese commander, Marine Corps, a brigade staff long Zhang Hua said that Sino Thai Marines first joint air defense missile firing training, double volleys, and a single emission; both have their own operating, and mixed with the training, two types of 7 bomb all hit the target, have been highly evaluated the Thai Navy Corps deputy commander of the Gorahan major general, air defense and coastal command headquarters Caron major general. < p > to ensure the live firing training foolproof. Previously, team with training of Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute Professor Sun Xuefeng and Thailand were antiaircraft missile using theory teaching, on the two sides of weapons and equipment technical and tactical performance, characteristics and operational use in-depth explanation and analysis, thematic discussions and exchange, and effectively find out their training level and the base for training combined with solid theoretical foundation, created favorable conditions. Firing process, in the face of the strange and geographical environment, complex sea conditions, poor communication, means of communication limited many unfavorable factors, the two sides to study and formulate the scientific and detailed plans for the program, precise organization, implementation coordination, completed the "from the classroom for battlefield" "from within the country to foreign" by leaps and bounds.