GalaxyC finally came! For China customization will become the heavy artillery fire

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TechWeb· 2016-05-25 11:53:25

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recently, media circle of friends is Samsung's a invitation frequent scraper, "just good, is that the galaxy?" discerning look knew is rumored Galaxy C.

the question is, Samsung meaningfully first enable the C letter type, what special meaning?

a reliable explanation is, C on behalf of China, because of the internationalization of Samsung whenever models, before the release of the early on in a foreign country leaked to "bottom upside down", and this time we can only from the website of the Ministry of industry and information ahead of time to see the Zhenrong series. This means that C Galaxy is entirely against the Chinese market. From the invitation several obvious characters can guess to the key features: "complexion", clear, Samsung mobile phone has been specializing in screen display effect; "play" and "leisure" is a strong entertainment, can play a high degree of models, joy is strength to attract users like. Culture means full at the same time, but also show a strong localization of C Galaxy mark.


currently, 3000 yuan above the high end of the smartphone market structure has been set, Samsung and apple carve up the most of the market. But in 2000-3000 yuan price of the market, competition is presented directly the most intense hot condition, as a contribution to the performance of the very significant incremental market, even if the contribution from the local sales to bring into account, Samsung is absolutely will not give up this piece of cake. At this time, Samsung launched C Galaxy series, the target has been very obvious, is to go all out to control the market.


but clearly, simply from the original series configuration to increase the, or let the flagship simple and not reasonable practices. Therefore, from the demand side of around customized to the needs of Chinese consumers, only for China "suit the remedy to the case" become heavy firepower opportunities will increase. This is why a lot of high-end competing products will have a wolf instinct.


come to talk about the current understanding of the GALAXYC of some information. According to the content of previous exposure, May 26, Samsung will launch two galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7, all of them are using all metal fuselage, thickness at about 6-7mm, providing the golden, pink, silver and gray and other colors to choose from.


, Galaxy C5 with 5.2 inch touch screen, the galaxy C7 to 5.7 inches, have 4GB of memory, 32GB and 64GB of two kinds of storage capacity, 800 million pixels in the front of the lens and 16 megapixel main camera, F1.9 lens aperture.


Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 equipped with their own processor are different, of which the former snapdragon processor 617, the latter is 625 snapdragon processor. The main features of Xiaolong 625 processor is the Samsung 14nm LPP process using GPU collocation upgrade to Adreno 506. Style= text-align: "justify

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Galaxy and C7 Galaxy are equipped with the battery capacity is also different, the former is 2600 Ma when the battery, the latter is 3300 Ma when the battery.


in the function, Galaxy series C introduced many Samsung's flagship model, the function, such as increased on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ UHQA (SHQ) music playback, also supports local and online play.


two Galaxy C products are Home key integrated fingerprint identification function, joined the Samsung high-end models have the "Samsung pop" and Alipay, which is expected to allow users in mobile payments more convenient and quick. Style= text-align: "justify

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in addition, two phones are supporting the full CNC 2 and dual sim dual standby function.


in the sale of channel, Galaxy C is completely by the online channel sale, at present there is no accurate news, but if Samsung to the heavy fire, of course, is online and offline operators full channel before the sale is "firepower" attitude. />

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