7 Chinese people in the Taiwan Strait Island fishing was detained Taiwan

Taiwan Strait island mainland Coast Guard

guanchazhewang· 2016-05-25 12:38:24

< p > according to Taiwan media news, yesterday (24), 7, driving motorboat into Wu Qiu Xiang sea fishing, is Taiwan's coast guard detained. Wuciou since 1954 by the Taiwan Kinmen County escrow, in Taiwan "Islands in Islands". < Taiwan "in electronic newspaper" 24 reported, 7, 24 to Wu Xiang Qiu Hill frog stone sea fishing, and Taiwan "sea patrol office" Taichung patrol standoff dispatched patrol boats to deal with, and coordinate Marine Corps units Wuqiu garrison battalion, 7 charge to Kinmen Coast Guard Corps trial.

, in Wu Qiu Xiang (pictures from "fishing in the electronic newspaper," Chen villagers provide) "img_box" id=

, who was arrested (pictures from "when the electronic newspaper", "sea patrol office")

fishing tool (picture from the "electronic newspaper", "sea patrol office")

fishing tool (picture from the "electronic newspaper", "sea patrol office")

Golden Gate of 72 miles black hill, hill, hill, two island (picture from the "electronic newspaper", Taiwan "sea patrol office")

driving motorboat (picture from the "electronic newspaper", Taiwan "sea patrol office")

7 40 points when Xu, the Taiwan Strait patrol members arrested seven people from the mainland, in according to the jurisdiction power and responsibility to pay by the sea guard escorted to Kinmen the 9th Coast Guard Corps, after the trial, transferred to justice.

according to the Taiwan joint video news, 7 people are friends, the youngest is only 17 years old, and the rest are 50 years old, starting from Quanzhou, Fujian this morning. < p > and Taiwan's Kinmen Coast Guard Corps pointed out that Wu Qiu Xiang since 1954, hosted by the Taiwan Kinmen County, with a total area of for 1.2 square kilometers, consists of a large mound and hill, about 100 km from the golden gate, the distance in Putian, Fujian sea about 30 kilometers, is now in the Marine Corps units garrison battalion and Taiwan "sea patrol office" common stationed. Fujian Province established after "Wuqiucun Meizhou (Wuqiucun" >

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