Beijing traffickers fought ATM machine: "tomorrow at the gate of the hospital joint password"

The number of dealers ATM machine expert number password registration system

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Beijing Morning Post < p align = "center" >北京号贩子转战ATM机:接头暗语

< p > May 25 news, although Beijing has long been to achieve the real name registration system, but the move did not squeezed out, traders living space, to escape the police high intensity combat, they put sights on the bank ATM machine registration system. Six or seven o'clock every day, they took old client's medical card occupied the number of bank ATM machine brush, or with his own name in some popular sections registered accounts for places to live, wait for new customers door, put his drained away, immediately change to make an appointment with the name of the person. Near the hospital a few ATM machine into their new positions, within 2 hours of reporter unannounced visits, selling mobile phone rang non-stop, continuing the business. < p > < strong > door Lanhuo, telephone guide

< br / > recently, Union Hospital of Eastern Hospital, dealers in order to avoid the blow, the transfer of positions, also set up a joint password ", according to friends broke the news. Around May 24 at nine o'clock in the morning, Beijing Morning Post reporter unannounced visits in just a passing near the hospital fast food restaurant, a few name traders came around to solicit business, "to number, please? Expert number!" Reporter has not been ignored, went straight to the hospital to find registration office, to hang a number of dermatologists, but the defendant know has been pegged to the end, the nurse said "the morning schedule, now long gone." Reporter just turned around, with in behind the pink shirt No. traders once again gather together to come up, whispered "I have the number of experts!" Reporters are interested in buying each other, "whispered to me first to go!"

out of the hospital, the number of vendors to reporters a phone number. "I don't have a number in my hand, you call the phone, he help you hang up. The hospital gate is too tight, we can only transfer positions". "Pink shirt" also told reporters, "that person will tell you where to meet on the phone, you can not rest assured that it is not far away, in the vicinity of the Wangfujing. You told him, "see you tomorrow at the hospital gate," he knew that I introduced you to the". With that, the number of traders soon leave the hospital entrance. < p > < strong > occupy the ATM machine, seconds brush number source

< p > reporter dials the number, in the end of the phone, the man's guiding to new Dong'an Market Entrance of a self-service banking. See self-service banking, lined up eight machines, which before 6 machines have people quickly in the ATM machine button, and nervously and others call, send a busy scene. A man wearing a white T-shirt man holding a mobile phone to reporters, "tomorrow at the gate of the hospital!" Listen to the reporter say. He even asked "what number?" Said to start clicking on the ATM machine on the registration system. Reporters to relatively popular dermatology experts, white T-shirt, answers a way: "in addition to the vitiligo experts, the other two can hang, you say to who."

he casually according to the registration system in order to avoid the operation timeout, while the name of the expert to come up with a mobile phone to see the appointment. "Once you quit, you want to brush on the real time. You see this Friday, before you're booked." Traders said, in order to accurately "the second brush", he was at work try to drink less, less to go to the bathroom. < p < br / > the face of this scene, in handling banking customer greatly upset, in the front row of the remaining two ATM machine in long queues, but no. traders who did not make an abuse of the meaning.

claimed that the letter, the business continued to

, you give me a medical card or a bank card you name, which is enough to register on the line. Wait until the hand, you see the disease and then give me the money." White T-shirt, some proud way, he has been here for four or five years, has been arrested by the police, is already an old qualification. He took out his mobile phone to reporters to show the customer list, a lot of back off, I certainly do not lie". Conversation, there are three or four family members of the patients "admiring" registration, No. traders according to expert heat increase 300 yuan to 1500 yuan fee ranging. No. traders told reporters that encounter are particularly sought after a number of experts, they will first with his real name card for number and stay home business for the back, then immediately with new customers name hang, "this number usually increases two or three thousand yuan. < p > the side of the bank security told reporters that the No. traders has been entrenched in this two months the, every day people are hurrying to and fro, business is booming. "They came from five or six in the morning, every brush, ordinary people who robbed them." < p > < strong > hospital reminds, away from No. traders

< br / > the Beijing Morning Post reporter then returned to Concord Hospital registration hall to see, the hospital set up a "warning patients not find No. traffickers registered, or not a doctor" warning signs, and hung there "No. traffickers, Yituo 'a catch a, no mercy" banner, also in the registration hall and outside, security patrols. Advisory desk nurses to remind patients, the number of vendors are not necessarily able to get the number, there may be a false number. In order to avoid loss, patients do not find a number of vendors, by telephone, network, or use a bank card in advance to make an appointment".

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