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The summer season ticket gaming

tuwanwang· 2016-05-25 17:07:47

2016 season, "the League of heroes" professional league in the summer season of the call will be officially started in May 26, 2016.

2016 season, "the League of heroes" professional league in the summer season of the call will be officially started in May 26, 2016. New season, a new packet and the team's new appearance, let 2016LPL summer tournament and add a bright spot, to accompany the spectators summoners to begin a new journey. At the same time, May 23, 14 (today) will officially open the LPL summer season ticket, went to the scene for their favorite team refueling summoners can according to ticket information and "hero alliance," the official website announced the schedule arranged in advance booking.

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ticketing time: < p > this week's match billing time for May 23, 14 < apart from this week, all the rest of the week ticket billing time and spring played the same weekly a 12 point on sale when tickets for the game of the week.

"hero alliance" 2016 occupation League summer ticket is divided into two stages: Thursday, Friday is 100 yuan (the first 2 rows of seats for 120 yuan); Saturday, Sunday is 120 yuan (the first 2 rows of seats for 150 yuan); tickets for electronic tickets, sold through only "hero alliance" occupation in 2016 the summer league tournament ticket website, following ticket:

, LPL:

to 2016LPL special ticket guide summer season ticket address ( click on the prompt ticket before;

Figure 2: click on the field of information and ticket

Figure 3 open the WeChat scan two-dimensional code

two, the mobile terminal ticket ticket with mobile phone:

scan two Dimension code into the micro game, according to the prompt for tickets.

in Figure 4 direct scan two-dimensional code into the purchase of

note: the purchase of 2 per person each of the sessions; QQ verification number + game account (Level 3 and above); purchase is completed, micro vote through SMS will send two-dimensional code to mobile phone users, if the user through non official channels to buy tickets, the company will not be for the user may suffer loss of or damage to bear any legal responsibility, please users active identification.

2016 season LPL summer stadium Hongqiao world is located in Minhang District City, Shanghai, has a non replicating convenient transportation, and Hongqiao transportation hub directly connected. Hongqiao integrated transportation hub is the unique in the world, the largest transportation hub, covering the Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and the opening of the Shanghai Metro No. 2 line, on the 10th line and distance will no longer be Summoner are eager to visit the scene feel gaming charm of obstacles.

2016 season the League of legends, professional league summer season ticket channel has opened, the new grouping, new lineup, the new version of the, in the face of the new season is veteran tyrannical overlord position still can not shake or cutting-edge team exploits writing legend, Hongqiao world performing arts center welcome call masters witness!,

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