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Author: Shiela
< section style= "color: RGB (51, 51, 51); text-align: justify; >Mekorama  puzzles in the.
AppSo (micro signal appsolution) believe this and "the Monument Valley," has the same < strong > maze theme < / strong > game, also can cause your interest.

Mekorama very neat, game homepage is a book can slide left and right enter different options. official game a total of 50 levels, each level is an independent three-dimensional maze.

you can by rotating the screen, a rotating organs, regulating mobile box, from different point of view, change the details of the maze, in order to find the path. Help we are familiar with the big eyes robot arrive at the destination.

different from "the Monument Valley, visual illusion puzzle, Mekorama more test is internationally stereo space thinking and global thinking ability. encountered a complex multi maze, from the end of the reverse thrust may be a better way.

all levels are established in the visible range of a screen, simple colors, the same several material can build the solution is not the same as the stereo labyrinth, physical and mechanical boundless charm is really fascinating. Still stay adorable, walked yaotouhuangnao, looked around robots also added a fun game.

except appreciates each level's careful arrangement and skillfully constructed and Mekorama also for players to open the level editor.

you can be in the home page of the centre right row find "creation" page, the material build their three-dimensional labyrinth in 16 x 16 x 16 space range, and through the generation of two-dimensional code with friends to share, or scan someone's two-dimensional code card puzzle.

for example brain hole edge of AppSo (micro signal appsolution) will do the "you are page of my destiny" and a "an arrow piercing" maze. What? You say you can't see it, I don't listen to me......

by rotating organ, bigeye yellow can walk to the end of jealous heart. Well, the fine is a good sister up skills.

quickly while no hot AppSo exclusive maze, the right below level two-dimensional code sent to the right of the people to download the game to scan open, with micro channel scanning can yo), let the robot stay Meng, on behalf of your flash, flash and go straight into the mind of the other.

"the Monument Valley," maze theme of the game, plus stay stay Meng Meng big eyed robot, after the clearance also advanced custom maze. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit if you like the game, you can donate to support developers in the game. The

this paper made a better phone with AppSo original produced, concerns appsolution, reply "< span style =" line-height: 28px; issues justify; color RGB (193, 58, 67); "> puzzle " were obtained more high-quality game reasoning is recommended.
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AppSo is not to save your game shortage?
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