Beijing three ball cheer group was established in the national security trough

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Guoan into an all-time low, people always see flocks of persistent anxious face. Beijing TV and music will capture a middle-aged groups dominated group, old Guoan uncle anxiety, after the defeat of the lonely an uncle, still shouting the broadsword Ye Guoan tappet, every game does not pull the old lady Xiyuan aunt, Caroline and middle-aged women and the bright moon, also after the defeat of the tears Ying ran... And training of youth football has been fruitful "Sauk 352 sports thought, why the uncle aunt, aunt, or uncle did not set of neat cheer service? "Sauk 352 sports" found the old fans, decided to sponsor them a set of clothes, the recent continuous cheering campaign also need to busy to relax, so to the Millennium Park fans restaurant meal a lot, watch Beikong in Xinjiang live, and the release of the clothing. Mr. Li Ming said, especially for the old fans moved, their spirits awesome, we train the teenagers, but also should pay attention to the elderly, the Beijing three big ball cheer group is already a Beijing court a beautiful scenery line. Old fans, not only in the stadium stands, in the Wukesong in Fengti ultimately us, the Beijing Women's basketball team win us very excited, men's volleyball team lost the championship we are sad, our women volleyball team is also a frequent visitor, even than the women's football stands only 30 people at least 10 of us. They said: "we will take a cheer more efforts for the Beijing three big ball and shout what shout what shout!"

352 sports" is rushing out to make a new batch of cheer service meet the love of Beijing sports fans.

Beijing three big ball cheer group is very creditable, clothing just two days, wearing their cheer suit to appear in Fengti club and gas, Shougang to let min Lulei cheer signature to Shougang Basketball cheer, wearing a cheer service to the community to do public welfare activities. The evening of the day of the month

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