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Marco is the United States iOS and web developers, but also scientific and technological writers, former editor of the magazine. He was a co-founder of App Tumblr, founder of the popular social networking Instapaper browser and App Overcast gained fame podcast.

knowledge of Wall Street mentioned yesterday, Marco arment recently in his blog said Apple if in accordance with the current pace of marching down, do not rule out the will repeat the mistakes of the BlackBerry (blackberry). < p > today, Amazon, Facebook and Google are investing significantly more advanced science and technology and artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent assistance and voice management mode, hope become smart phones in the future direction of development, he said. If the choices are right, I mean, "if" - then I need to worry about Apple Corp.

, however, Arment may be too pessimistic. Apple has $200 billion in cash can be bought through the buy to enter the field of artificial intelligence, which is not the BlackBerry parent company RIM in 2007 can be done.

despite the slowdown in iPhone sales, but the Apple Corp is still one of the world's most profitable companies.

, of course, "buy buy buy" strategy and can not always work. Let's take a look at Microsoft.

2007, after the listing of iPhone, Microsoft to be caught off guard. Although Microsoft had earlier in the field of smart phones to invest in the field, but its focus on the PC business so that it can not be integrated into a complete mobile project business.

2014, face a backward situation in apple, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the a now it seems the wrong decision, he has spent more than $7.2 billion buying Nokia hopes to make Windows Phone reached the mainstream.

this is not a success. Currently, Microsoft smartphone market share of less than 1%.

Microsoft's lessons show that the money is not enough. To stand out, hope that the real vision, strategy and execution, the first mover advantage is also very important.

however, although Microsoft's poor performance in the field of smart phones, but it does not disappear. In the new Satya Nadella CEO management, Microsoft re planning the business model, and has experienced a revival.

also, the Apple Corp will not collapse. Although we are looking forward to voice assistant, virtual reality and other technologies, but the smart phone will remain with us for a long time. This is good news for apple. < p > however, as arment noted that, if Google and other tech companies in virtual reality, a leading, Apple will have to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft change strategy, embrace the future -- and that's not just means "buy, buy, buy" and its culture and the field of vision.

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