German couple killed Chinese girls said 3 human relations

Girls couples sexual relations suspects

huanqiuwang· 2016-05-26 06:16:47

[Global Times special correspondent in Germany Aoki] "the police chief's stepson is the suspect? Germany, "the picture" 25, reported that after 12 days of investigation, the Dessau police announced the killing of Chinese female students Li Yangjie suspects - a pair of 20 year old German couple. Staggering, the male suspect is the stepson of Dessau, the chief of police, named Sebastian, his parents are senior officials of the German federal police.

Dessau police held a press conference 24, announced the results of the survey. "China and Germany," quoted the conference as saying that the killing of Li Yangjie is a pair of lovers, the male suspect is called Sebastian, 23 days later surrendered. He said that Li Yangjie is missing the day before, he and his girlfriend had "three human relations in their place and Li Yangjie".

state supreme prosecutor in charge of the case, Bittman told the media: "the defendant said that the victim had a voluntary behavior. Li Yangjie's family for the German police to distribute the suspect described voluntary behavior is extremely dissatisfied. Li Yangjie before studying the ANN Halter University of Applied Science and technology is responsible for lyckman that police say ridiculous, damage the reputation of the victim. Eight thirty

5 evening of July 11, in Deshaoan Halter University of Applied Science and technology learning architectural design Li Yangjie out night run after missing. The next day, her roommate. 13 police in a mobile toilet not far from its place after found the body of a woman. 17, the police announced the autopsy report shows: Li Yangjie was raped during his lifetime, the cause of the death of the head was violent attacks.

"naumburg daily" said, found the clothes worn by the police searched, and found there was another DNA. German media are very concerned about this case, related news after exposure, Sebastian and the local police as senior officials of the mother elaborate some, 23 to police surrendered, explain why Li Yangjie clothes have their own DNA. Police searched the house of Sebastian and his girlfriend found blood and other clues to the crime. Police speculated that suspects in the apartment next door of an empty room murder Li Yangjie and his girlfriend destroyed the face of the dead, after which they will be bodies from threw it out of the window. < p > Sebastian and his girlfriend live in Dessau, Sebastian is the German Red Cross disaster relief team players, his girlfriend called tyrrhenia, is a clerk. At present, the testimony of two people although overall agreement, but the details is not exactly the same, but they all refused to confessed to the murder crime fact. The state supreme prosecutor Bittman said: "two people were arrested for alleged sexual assault and murder. "The picture," said Sebastian had previously suspected arson, damage to the previous record of the item.

local media revealed that Dessau will see itself as a bridge linking Europe and asia. After the case of Li Yangjie, the Dessau government has done a lot of work to try to restore the impact, such as 200 people to participate in the Li Yangjie and run activities, 600 people attended the memorial Li Yangjie activities. Dessau mayor Peter · Koolhaas also issued a call to the Chinese young people: "please do not retreat, stay here to continue your life.

however, Lee's case or to bring a series of negative effects in Dessau, causing panic in the students. Currently about 800 Chinese students in Anhalt University of Applied Science and technology school, and Li Yangjie live in the same apartment building all of the Chinese students to move. Many Chinese students to withdraw the application for admission. Reported that the German image is damaged, a Chinese delegation to prepare for the recent visit to Dessau also canceled the trip.

despite the facts of the case gradually clear, but the motive is still a mystery murder mystery. Germany's "Star" weekly said: "what happened that night? What is the motive of committing a crime? German police said there is still a need for further investigation. German Chinese people are now generally dissatisfied with the Dessau police. In Germany "hotline" network, Chinese message said: "corpse thrown from the window down, police found the ten days, actually did not check the apartment, didn't expect the postmortem may! If the suspect does not surrender, case not to tow long!" Berlin, Germany, China scholars Lindell told the "global times" reporter, Germany has been considered to be a safe and rigorous country, the massacre of Li Yangjie to relevant departments in Germany sounded the alarm -- with Chinese students and tourism investors and the increasingly, Germany has the responsibility and have an obligation to give security for them.

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