The driver was driving without a license to pay 10 thousand yuan for.

Cash driver Chongqing evening news ticket

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< p > the Chongqing Evening News 24, a woman driving without a license being police seized, actually took out a 1 million yuan in cash, ask the police to put her on a horse.

5 on the afternoon of October 24, Jiangbei Guanyinqiao pay police patrol unit Yin Ping in Guanyin bridge east ring road romantic street intersection on duty, found a white car Porsche female drivers not wearing a seat belt, motioned the other parking inspected.

driver's license has been out of the driver's license has been over a period of validity. Yin Ping query with the police system, found a driver's license was canceled two years ago, the driver is currently undocumented status.

the driver surnamed Li, 28 years old. Yin Ping fill out a ticket, Lee suddenly a thick envelope thrown over, say that is 1 million yuan in cash, request, including Yin her on a horse, was the Yin Ping sternly refused.

police on Lee driving without a license, not wearing a seat belt, not affixed to the vehicle inspection marks and other violations of the law to make a punishment, according to law to detain the motor vehicle. Suspected of driving without a license, Lee faced a fine of 2000 yuan or even 15 days following administrative detention. At present, the case is being further processed. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun trainee reporter Yu Kejing

Author: Zhu Junyu

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