Princess cahuo! Zhang Tianai and a break up.

Zhang Tianai Prince William Feng a heart

fenghuangyule· 2016-04-18 19:08:06

at the end of last year, "Princess promotion" red hot, and the Yilun Sheng Zhang Tian'ai Princess CP. Two people from the famous amateur night, within a short period of time enjoyed high popularity. Male Master Sheng Yilun handsome iceberg face captured the hearts of millions of boys and girls; female advocate Tianai is with high color value match man heart alternative image became popular.

the promotion for Princess Ji joy will be held and personal spicy dance blew the audience, two people touch thigh pinch face to flirt to reproduce the plot of the play affectionate, a big call to satisfy a craving.

with photo shoot, wall boom + bed fellows, staged the ultimate temptation. Sweet don't ~

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recorded "happy camp" is a sweet burst table "img_box" ~

more rational fans advise you, don't take it seriously, think about when Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng. Class= img_box "

" in an interview also made it clear that there is no possible"!

statement Sheng Yilun the name of the do not want to mention, this is abandon ah," play Qi Sheng actor "to replace & hellip; the artist also didn't respect the right. < p > fans, not silly, have gathered Tucao Cheong leen IQs touching and public relations capacity catch & hellip;

fans development, Zhang Tianai actually returned to this microblogging point praise. My check, really not false! Class= img_box "

before the hard fried out of the CP how to say that scattered on the loose? Zhang Tianai fans will give the reason is that their own idol, because the two people were troubled by CP. Sister do not understand, this behavior is really is CP powder wrong the. No wonder at midnight to catch up with shouting hotel not three sisters in law, but Zhang Tianai, artists would be happy to meet the?

. These words to the CP and sugar, not to you?

two people together is the name of the group CP, of course, is not so forced to group CP? Sheng Yilun kissing mouth

is through the momentum of CP, Zhang Tianai was traced to the Crown Princess "paycheck rose.

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now the Crown Princess "heat after, CP affect their next development, so it is adopted with forced to cut apart, really afraid off powder do? < p > at CP official micro still send these, good sad ~

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