Xbox One version of "blaze a predetermined surprise siege division of mankind"

Reservation Xbox playstation

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-05-26 10:00:07

< p > all scheduled the Xbox one version of the "blaze tight encirclement division of mankind" players will get free predecessor works "blaze tight encirclement human revolution" download code, through downward compatibility to play.

Microsoft also confirmed that it also includes the "lost link" DLC. "Human revolution" and "the disappearance of the link" download code will be scheduled after 7 to 10 days through Xbox Live message is sent to players have been scheduled. Class= img_box "

Microsoft also said that this is a limited time, but did not mention how long. And this isn't the first time Microsoft has scheduled games before sending for compatible games, like the dark soul 3 "to send the dark soul originals, the radiation 4" to send the radiation 3 "," quantum crushing "send" mind killer "and so on. < p > worth mentioning is "blaze tight encirclement human revolution director edited version of" recently added to the Xbox one of the downward compatibility list, and became the first multi disc installation support of compatible games. "Deus ex human" in August 23rd split from PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on sale.

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