Up posture, the club and the national team of relations such as "law", on the way to open the right

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training field side of the banner

this idea, in, South Korea, North Korea and other countries is particularly obvious. Japan, because after hundred years off Asia into Europe thought reform, and has been the traditional oriental thinking some departure from, they have already put his football and treated as a European football.

Italian legion of manhunt

so European football in the relationship between club and country how to do? And East Asia just the opposite, in addition to the National Football Association, the sound of almost all football practitioners, are inclined to the interests of the club than all. In China and North Korea, it is the national system, the Korean people's national sentiment is the most high, so here's football must mention a premise: the motherland is to train you. While the rest of the world, the implementation of the "athletes", the player every step of the growth and development, are linked with the club's interests, they are linked to the club, is a highly contractual contract system.

every every two years, fans around the world are particularly excited, because in the summer, the world cup, the European Cup the two represents the highest level in today's international football national team level event will be staged turns, although the time difference, but fans around the world still willing to watch the game at any point in time, which is in their hearts the most exciting moment. But the club's boss, the boss, but in these "giants feast" in the appetite, can not be happy. Their reason is: the player is my training, or the player is my money to buy, the player's salary is paid by me, with what free to play for you?

to play for the national team, is the coach of the club's nightmare

of course, the club's boss or manager is not only selfish, no national interests. Country first thought on this. In the whole world is general, however, these people have a more "helpless" difficulties, that is: can be selected for the national team players, the club should also are the main force and football at the same time, it is a high risk industry, is very easy to be injured, injury caused a chain reaction only by the club to bear! Players injured and recovering the cost of treatment need to pay, injured players period wages must be full, and the player was injured and will affect the Paibingbuzhen, not the whole of the main play will affect the team scores, no good ranking or no UEFA Champions League qualification, income effect, no income, under the influence of a season transfer market signings will. - National Football Association, this series of questions, can be careless with a push 625.

Khedira injured end

so from the club to fans, this is called "FIFA virus". The provisions of FIFA, in the national team, was enlisted in the players, the club need unconditional release. But people are "decorous" to put out, you'd give me a "whole must end". - far away, in 2013, Khedira in the national team warm-up match suffered serious injury, in 2014 the world cup in Brazil Neymar seriously injured in 2015, Aguero in Argentina suffered serious injuries. Wenger has given this image to the confusion: I lent a car, but also come back when a drop of oil in the tank is not! And Mourinho equally aggrieved: not only do not light, but also to get the car to get the whole body is hurt, damaged parts!

in this regard, FIFA is also given the corresponding compensation measures, from September 2012 onwards, FIFA began to implement "club protection plan", is played for the national team for the injured striker played for the club to provide compensation and the specific amount of provisions of a day, the maximum compensation for 2 00000 and a maximum of one year. If the player was injured in a year, the country's football association should compensate the club's highest 7 million euros.

club and national team relations such as "mother"

but the club still do not buy this, Florentino, with the German Football Association about the season Sami Khedira reimbursement of 300 million compensation and helpless that Real Madrid's overall strategy to change, this is simply not the money can solve. A few years later and Khedira to takeout, afraid to fall!

club and national team relationship, sometimes very like "mother and wife fell in the water" the title of this obscure, the player must play for the country, it is a great honor, but the club to contribute money to culture or the introduction of a player is also not easy, both how to balance? This is still to be FIFA to continue to explore the way forward.

now, by the search of football host the second session of the "search of football" professional football law and governance seminars will be in 2016 May 25 to 26 in Beijing Wangfujing Regent Hotel hold, all the guests from FIFA, AFC, the Chinese Football Association, the Spanish League, beauty Zhida alliance mechanism will focus on the relationship between professional football clubs and the national team to carry on the thorough discussion. If you Chinese on the development of football with concern on international football reform experience with interest, welcome to listen to.

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