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5. The spiral boundary line "tour tasting will held in Beijing. As Shanghai cloud lo (KUMORA) effort, game producer Yoshikawa Meijing and marketing director cat too at the tasting demonstration the current version of the game, and talked about the helix boundary line "plans for the future. Game producer Yoshikawa Meijing at the tasting will announce: "spiral boundary line" this game will be by KUMORA self research since the transport. At the end of June this year, formally launched.

$150 million yuan to build the & nbsp; more than 30 Japanese seiyuu cheer

although the spiral boundary line "is KUMORA the new company's first product, but KUMORA essence is a company composed of more than working for more than ten years experienced the game, and in the production of the game also already at a cost of 15 million to ensure that front-line work level of quality.

as a domestic Japanese RPG game, Shanghai cloud screw invited a number of today's Hot Japanese voice actors for the game to help out, the list of voice actors including RIE Kugimiya, Aya Uchida, tamua Yukari, Haruka tomatsu, Banshang pansy / 30 Japanese first-line voice actors, game producer Yoshikawa Meijing said, seiyuu list is actually very early before have been identified, but in order to avoid we will pay more attention to focus on the voice actors dubbing rather than the game itself, so he decided to seiyuu rosters confidential to the tasting was officially open.

original ring out combat system will be to expand multi linkage

the spiral boundary line "by the KUMORA time-consuming 2 years to develop, the original ring out combat system breakthrough traditional RPG mobile games old battle mode, let every battle are test of wits. With traditional RPG mobile games between ourselves and the enemy, both sides each other to cut buckle is physical's classic play different, the spiral boundary line "original ring out system let the battle is no longer boring pile numerical, just between ourselves and the enemy, the two sides in the damage output at the same time, will strive to the opponent's role to repel, when role has been pushed to the edge of the scene will trigger ring out negative, which makes possible for a reversal. At the same time, up four against buddy real-time online giant Boss "witchers" gameplay grand and exciting scene. Cat, director of marketing

too at the meeting announced will with Chanticleer in artist, character designer and animator beautiful tree the fine Yan (representative of the a Tiecheng Kaba Nery of the Macross fortress, the Gundam seed ") to cooperate, in the game into beautiful trees in the old division design many original characters. In addition, the future will be at least with a Japanese classic game masterpiece to carry out joint cooperation.

at the press conference, in addition to let people see a plethora of PV promotional videos, the spiral boundary line "also disclosed for the first time the period of nearly 2 minutes of high-quality OP Animation songs, allegedly this animated by the Japanese squad fully produced, the director is famous Japanese guide plays Ohashi Yoshihikaru (representative of code Geass rebel Luluxiu", "angels and Dragons Geister"), singing songs, is widely voice are familiar with love in the fields of color (representative of the lovelive! "). Style= line-height: "25.6px

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