University of Kansas HUAWEI tour, take you to enjoy the poetry of the general culture

HUAWEI University United States Kansas

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University of Kansas School of management professor and student

end Jun thought they are looking for a job?

originally, University of Kansas management school year will lead the students to visit

the world's top 500 enterprises

I heard, this is a course about

in the introduction to these high material from all over the world the

but in HUAWEI park to they took the group photo

here green, clear lake

in this environment in the work of feeling every day

you walk this resembles the park office park after the

HUAWEI exhibition guide staff to students conducted a comprehensive story of

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in listening to the staff to explain the

they were to experience a HUAWEI terminal of each product

; even someone with a new HUAWEI P9

happy playing the self timer

morning with them to admire the complete park scenery, afternoon listening to the melody sounded, accompanied by HUAWEI consumers BG theme song" Dream it possible has several students to share their end Jun Comments:

  • Allyssa: China In order to impress me more than just HUAWEI's mobile phone products, as well as smart home products, HUAWEI mobile phone design is particularly good, I am considering to buy a.

    Joseph: I at that time is flat MediapadM2 10.0 booth demo and four speakers high bass effect is very good, I listen the for a long time, the camera effect is also very good.

    Amrein: take effect almost make me shocked, very do not say clearly, and large aperture mode, I felt great love.

    Nitchada: I come from Thailand, Huawei is now very popular in Thailand, I like Huawei watches, so ready to buy one.

buddies if you listen to English version is not fun, here you qqmusic_iframe js_editor_qqmusic" scrolling= "no" frameborder= "0" musicid= "105044366" mid= "003FIqDQ0xyaGF" albumurl= "/B/t/002JsU5q10jUBt.jpg" audiourl= " Fromtag=46" music_name= "my dream" commentid= "1424105841" singer= "Jane Zhang - my dream" play_length= "219000" src= "/cgi-bin/readtemplate t=tmpl/qqmusic_tmpl& singer=% E5%BC%A0%E9%9D%93%E9%A2%96%20-%20%E6%88%91%E7%9A%84%E6%A2%A6& music_name=? %E6%88%91%E7%9A%84%E6%A2%A6 >

in Huawei Park end tour, their faces revealed that happiness and satisfy the < /p>

promise! You see

in at the end of the day trip Huawei, with incorporation of Zhao Zhengjiao grant also can not help a sigh and say: < span style = "line-height: 25.6px; > shocking experience Huawei reception and culture, a culture, management, technology, poetic place!

end Jun situation also hope Huawei trip, to help them

look forward to the next reunion of surprise!

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most fresh and hot information about HUAWEI" unknown "the story of

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University of Kansas HUAWEI tour, take you to enjoy the poetry of the general...

University of Kansas HUAWEI tour, take you to enjoy the poetry of the general...

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