War Within Three Kingdoms: who will be the winner of mobile payments?

Mobile mobile payment War Within Three Kingdoms winner

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< p > in recent years the domestic mobile payment market showing explosive growth, mobile payment business growth for two consecutive years of more than 100%, the latest in a series of mobile payment business pen number and amount of the increase is reached 253.69% and 194.86%. According to Analysys data show that, by 2015, third-party mobile payment market scale reached 16.36 trillion yuan, the scale mobile payment for the first time exceeded PC client to pay.

in the face of such a huge market, mobile phone business is a natural trend such as greedy, apple Apple Pay in February of this year officially into China, and currently has 18 banks China to achieve cooperation, followed by Samsung in China launched Samsung Pay, new payment methods also support the magnetic stripe payment and NFC near the mobile payment, businesses do not need to the replacement of the POS machine, expand the scope of the use of mobile payment, the 15 major domestic banks have to support this service, HUAWEI is not far behind, following the end of last year after the release of Huawei Pay, at this year's P9 conference officially announced cooperation with Alipay, launched the scan code to pay the second "function, let oneself in the mobile payments have a heavyweight partner.

, of course, in addition to apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, such as millet, ZTE, Lenovo, cool and other mobile phone manufacturers are also in the layout and enter the mobile payment market. But in view of the mobile phone companies to enter the mobile payment market is the most basic conditions or that is based on mobile phone users maintain and shipments, and from this angle to see, the future mobile phone companies to participate in the mobile payment wars is actually mainly apple, Samsung and Huawei's "Three Kingdoms". So the question is, as is the global mobile phone enterprises of the Triwizard, who can in China mobile payment market to become the final winner? < p > since as mobile phone companies, mobile phone users maintain and shipments is decided the mobile payment market prospects or the odds of the basic elements of, so here we have to explain, in the first quarter of this year, Huawei's smartphone shipments have been ranked first in the Chinese market. < p > this, industry analysts believe that Huawei's mobile phone users is Huawei pay most potential user groups, Huawei 2015 smartphone sales over the 1 billion, the growth speed is the industry's first, so Huawei's future in the mobile payment market competitiveness is not small beautiful. According to statistics, there are currently Huawei mate s and glory V8 models support Huawei pay. This year, Huawei will continue to publish a variety of models support Huawei pay, is expected to end support Huawei pay phone number will reach tens of millions of magnitude. Then look with the mobile payment itself is closely related to the technology, market and horizon.

is well known, no matter what is the mode of payment, security is always the first consideration of the market and the user's choice of factors. Specific to Pay Huawei, which provides users with a financial grade standard + chip level security, the security of mobile payment solutions. With apple, Samsung only occupies the security solution, Huawei pay in the mobile payment security undoubtedly superior. < p > for example in the level of financial security, Huawei pay only as a pipeline, does not participate in the bank data and information processing, namely Huawei pay and bank card payment similar scenes, the focus of mobile payment security and convenient experience, Huawei does not save the customer's bank card information from an individual, not involved in the payment transaction data and information processing, the token technology, the bank card into electronic token virtual account stored in safety chip. Credit card payment, the bank's cloud servers and mobile phone built-in security encryption chip directly docking, to ensure the safety and convenience of mobile payments.

in addition to security, the ability to meet the user's usage scenarios and experience is also a measure of the competitiveness of mobile phone manufacturers to pay the key. Pay Huawei aggregate a variety of payment methods, covering a variety of user payment scenarios. The online payment including: change, spend money, bank cards and high-efficient, third party payment, operators pay; offline payment includes: bus cards, bank cards, the third party payment; the future will support business super membership cards and other payment method. Use the scene to increase. And in the user experience, Huawei using terminal manufacturers advantage entrance, combination lock screen, fingerprint etc. function module, from the user's actual demand of to provide users with the most convenient payment portal, provide better mobile payment experience.

current security, user usage scenarios and experience to be met, the support of partners or to say what kind of strategy to look at and respond to the mobile payment market is determined by the mobile phone company's vision. < p > with apple and Samsung compared to Samsung pay not only support NFC flash pay POS machine, can also include cloud flash pay (QuickPass) terminals, including more POS machine to pay to achieve. The iPhone is as long as the NFC chip, support Apple pay. Huawei construction is an open payment ecosystem, by opening its eSE, the TSM platform and polymerization card package service, financial institutions, and the third party payment, large supermarkets and other partners can easily access, together to provide users with a wealth of online and offline payment scenarios. < p > in addition, for the currently mobile phone companies in the mobile payment market just to get involved and start and not with traditional payment companies face competition, and various mobile phone manufacturers are based on their mobile phones to carry out this service, so nature are not in competition, but should is a for the majority of mobile phone users to provide safe, convenient payment services. Plainly, is the present stage, involved in mobile payment, mobile phone companies should force on how to further enhance the use of scenarios and user experience, and work together to mobile payment bigger plates. < p > this in with the bank cooperation, Huawei to take is followed and in accordance with the mode of traditional financial ecology, such as the payment experience, Huawei pay has been and China UnionPay and the big banks are active cooperation and technical exchanges, and strive to in the experience and existing credit card to keep consistent, payment security, Huawei pay in accordance with the central bank's mobile financial regulation and independent security technology combination, build a secure payment system; Huawei pay in accordance with the bank's existing business model, consistent with the bank's business process, not on the existing business of banks constitute. < p > in fact here, it is not difficult to find that, compared with apple and Samsung's lonely defeat. Huawei pay construction is win-win cooperation, users, partners and other comprehensive mobile payment solutions. In mobile phone payment only Xiao He Lu sharp angle of today, this vision for the mobile phone enterprises quickly in the mobile payment based on the market and rapid development is very important.

in spite of Pay Huawei in the mobile payment market is adhering to the strategy of win-win cooperation, but competition in the future is still inevitable, especially belong to the same phone companies Samsung, apple and HUAWEI.

in fact, before entering the China Mobile payment market, apple and Samsung have been in overseas markets (such as the United States) launched this service, but the effect is not ideal. According to the latest research report, company from shows, the use of these new payment technology users: in the United States. About 20.7% of iPhone 6 / 6 plus and iPhone 6S/6S plus users, have been used in Apple pay. Among those who have used Pay Apple, 57% of users said they used only once a week, while 15.3% said they had never used it in a week. For Samsung Pay and Pay Android, this figure is lower, that is, only 14% of the Samsung S5 Galaxy and S6 users said they had used the Samsung Pay or Pay Android services. Among these people, only 36.17% of users in a week's time, and 38.3% users said that in a week's time has never been used. In this case, in addition to the rapid advance of our Pay Huawei in the mobile payment market and a more long-term vision of the layout, apple, Samsung into the China Mobile payment market outlook can not help but suspect.

to sum up, we believe that apple, Samsung and Pay Huawei in the China Mobile payment market will have a war, and from the current perspective, the parties have their own advantages. But given the Huawei pay open payment in resolving strategy, advantages of resources and the rapid growth of consumer cloud services, the mobile terminal users with leisure and entertainment, life Butler, intimate business and industry programs, function and business to consumers and consumer home court and integrated services concentrated, construction is mobile Internet payment of financial ecosystem to see, Huawei pay than apple and Samsung mobile payment more ambitious.

Author: Sun Yongjie


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