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reporter subsequently to the tour guide to verify specific information, what is where the entry was refused, but the tour guide has failed to respond to and a day later in the deleted the message. Reporter then to Hushang several large travel agency asked whether Thailand whole regiment was refused entry events, are the negative answer. A familiar with Thailand tourism travel agency responsible person told the reporter, two years ago really heard tours because they did not take enough cash, in the customs refused entry, but in recent years has rarely occurred, because the vast most travel agents will remind passengers precautions before departure. < p > in addition, the travel agency responsible person also introduced, entry Thai customs inspection of foreign tourists to carry cash are to take random way, and mainly checks is for tourist visa on arrival, if at home to run the Thailand visa, then checks to chance is minimal. The group released "tour guide refused entry news may be exaggerated, perhaps in order to let the tourists with cash to go shopping.

Thai Travel Agency: indeed, the lower limit of the provisions of

with outbound travel more and more normalized, more tourists accustomed to credit card spending, rather than carrying a large amount of cash on the body. So, when going to Thailand tourism is sure to carry a sufficient amount of cash to be able to successfully enter the immigration? In this regard, reporters yesterday from the tourism authority of Thailand in Shanghai office confirmed that Thailand does on the entry of foreign people have cash requirements, the standard is per capita of not less than 20000 baht or the equivalent in foreign currency. In order to prove that the tourists have the corresponding economic capacity. < p > Thailand travel agency in Shanghai Office official confirmed to reporters, this provision has been, if the Thai immigration officer checks to visitors who did not bring enough cash, it is possible to be repatriated, had also happened more than Chinese tourists were repatriated in the case. "It is necessary to carry cash, bank credit card is invalid, not only to the floor, the other visa will be checked. "This personage to reporters explained that this is the Thai immigration official regulations and immigration Thailand expatriates carry must carry cash not less than 2 million baht (about 4000 yuan), the Thai immigration officials will be random checks, cash shortfall will be refused entry. The provisions applicable to all kinds of visa immigration, including landing signed.

if not enough cash to remedy? The source suggested, found that as long as the timely, in front of the entry timely complement the cash amount can smooth customs clearance, can withdraw money ATM machine at the airport, or borrows money from his friends and total cash reached 2 million baht.

the majority of the country's entry cash limit

travel abroad consumption is essential, either cash or credit card. However, reporter learned that, in many countries are to visitors carry the amount of cash have special requirements, such as Thailand and set the lower limit of 2 million baht per capita, but most countries actually set the upper limit, is not more than the number, visitors once ignored the relevant provisions, is likely to cause trouble, serious word may violate the criminal law. < travel personage introduction, at present world allows foreign passengers carry entry of cash with a different number of, usually not more than local currency 1 million yuan or the equivalent in foreign currency, exceed a part to must be to the customs declaration, explain the reasons. In addition, the limit is according to the head count, if one family company, can carry cash separately. Prior to departure, visitors may wish to authoritative organizations, such as the various countries in the Chinese consulate to consult the local permit to carry the entry of cash amount, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

some countries carries the entry cash limit

exergy states: upper limit of $10000 < tourists carrying more than $10000 in cash, traveler's checks or other currencies such as the renminbi etc., are required to declare to the customs, and to cash in on the source of an explanation, such as cash if from the sale of real estate, be sure to produce to sell their house the credentials. If you carry $ten thousand cash not to declare, not only the cash will be confiscated, the parties may face a maximum fine of $10 and more than 500 thousand years of fixed-term imprisonment. < p > - Canada: upper limit of $10000 < carrying 10000 equivalent below C $cash (including the renminbi), do not need to declare, more than the amount, to declare truthfully. < p > - Australia: upper limit of $10000 < according to the relevant provisions of Australia, where the carrying 10000 (including 10000) of more than $and equivalent in foreign currency cash into and out of Australia borders must to the Macao Customs declaration, such as carrying promissory notes, travelers checks, personal checks, drafts, must also be in accordance with the customs staff or the police asked to fill out the securities transfer table (BNI) to declare that might otherwise will be fined or prosecuted. < p > - Germany: upper limit of 10000 euros < in accordance with the provisions of the customs of Germany, visitors need to carry no more than 10000 euro entry. < p > - South Korea: upper limit of $10000 < in accordance with the provisions of the customs of South Korea, visitors need to carry no more than $10000 entry.

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