The gym is the most people respect of the 9 kinds of people, have you?


jirougoucheng· 2016-05-26 12:57:05

the fitness room most people hate some people, are you?

the gym most let several people dislike, have you?

the gym in the most affected by several elder brother, come to see is not you!

gym seven, eight demon, nine of the wicked, ten big bad habits......

seen too many 100% of the max-width: Tucao gym indecent behavior

feeling to everyone for low quality fitness full of resentment ah!

today to new the point of positive energy," max-width: 100%

they erected a thumb a bar!


dare go to the gym to change all the warriors!

May it is very fat, but you don't know which one day

she will! Suddenly lean into a lightning

appear in front of you bright blind your eyes!

into the force area the girl

the truth we fitness circle is very small,

think girls can only knee kneel on the floor to do to help, "

every top was derided as female Chinese children diamond pressure, "max-width:

walk into a room full of Bruiser's power zone of girls,

all is worth respect of.


age is just a number of

60 year old grandmother Meicheng 20-year-old appearance!

70 year old grandfather lianchu 30 physical < span style = "max-width: 100%; line-height: 1.6; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" >!

even exhaustive also carefully put under the device the

for him! Who, "

after a group of large weight slammed the dumbbell and fell to the ground, "

does not reveal his masculinity.

but is vulgar brush there is a sense of the performance.

Real the warrior is always unknown to the public the way,

low-key do talent is the best!

run back into the original office of the instrument

; they will consider for others,

do not think only of ourselves! Style= max-width: "min-height: 100%; 1em white;

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