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" computer enthusiasts "

in the era of big brother, holding mobile phone will be despised by; then, take a small mobile phone will despise those Chuaizhuo" tiles "(big brother); and then, with a intelligent machines will be despised like machine function; now intelligent machines has long been popular, and in the field of mobile despise chain became more speechless up...

called despise chain?

"despise chain" a word the earliest can be traced back to 2012 Southern Metropolis Daily on a particular subject. < strong > it is refers to a person by having a relatively good things form the sense of superiority, turned to look down on others have relatively poor things a psychological phenomenon < / strong >.

with the mobile phone from the "luxury" reduced to "necessities", who want to use their own hand machine or create their own design of mobile phones can be a Gao Ren. So, the environment of the chain to the formation of the environment, there are all kinds of contempt for the problem.

screen: TFT than Dou E also injustice

when the rise of smartphones just, the iPhone as the representative of the high-end mobile phones are used IPS screen (visual angle is very high). So, TFT has become the object of contempt.

however, TFT true than Dou also injustice! You know, IPS is actually TFT, it also has a nickname "Super TFT".

now screen material mainly divided into LCD and OLED, TFT belongs to the LCD, and IPS and SLCD belong to a modified version of the TFT; we are familiar with the AMOLED is branch of the OLED.

joke the TFT for a long time, found the IPS and TFT is an ancestor, embarrassed not embarrassed?

processor: MediaTek is subject to hurt

in the field of mobile phone processor, apple a series to outshine others, because it does not have universal (only apple devices used), so we is not much and judge the. In the field of Android mobile phones, Qualcomm, Samsung, TI, HUAWEI, NVIDIA, and the production of the main processor is the main processor.

filed Intel, Texas Instruments, and NVIDIA, the three which is not "rich handsome"? Mention of MediaTek, everyone knows that it is on the copycat machine fortune. Therefore, in the field of mobile processor, the lowest level of the chain has been located in the.

however, now Texas Instruments, NVIDIA and Intel has quit the market of mobile phone processor, and MediaTek has been strong, new Helio X20/X25 in performance also chase on the mobile processor in the first tier. Unfortunately, the company is too little fat, was originally Meizu Pro6 into the high-end machine ten nuclear processor (2499 yuan), has been music as and 360 to enter the 1099 yuan and 899 yuan price.

actually. < strong > this has not MediaTek a from heaven to hell the, just before the MediaTek chips sold to the price of cabbage millet has been, this time just for the other mobile phone manufacturers < / strong >.

alas, Xiaobian are for MediaTek feel pity is called heart sky high life than paper thin.

brand: domestic mobile phone proud / strong>

undeniable is, domestic users how many are some "xenophilia psychological, total feel" foreign moon is more round. On the eve of the popularity of smart phones, this theory has been a good quote: apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, SONY and other brands of mobile phones sell the best. While China cool as the representative of the domestic mobile phone is synonymous with cheap.

today, apple did not say, Motorola has been domestic Lenovo's acquisition, more dead than alive, HTC's situation or not to where, a gentleman does not see its latest flagship HTC 10 in the domestic sales of miserable? Samsung's sales in the country is better than the past, and even be pushed into the top 5 (sales).

according to market research firm strategy analytics statistics show that, Q1 2016 China smart phone sales ranking is < strong > Huawei first, oppo second, millet third, vivo fourth, Apple's fifth.

don't know in this data before, like emboldened foreign brands and despise the domestic mobile phone?

system: the thirty years Hedong three decades in Hexi

phone system despise chain has a long history. Think that year Microsoft Windows Mobile more cattle X, known as palm PDA, look down on Saipan and emerging iOS. Now, don't say Mobile Windows, even its successor, Phone Windows is dying. Had despised the other people's system, and now people are too lazy to despise it.

and windows mobile same situation of is Nokia Symbian (blackberry, swordfish, tizen will not say), the conservative system then have more powerful? Look at iOS+Android now you know. Now, even NOKIA are sold to Microsoft (now seems to have been sold).

Android, function and experience are very poor, reputation far than IOS. But in recent years with the release of the change, has now attracted many users of iOS Android move, this is a kind of success?

to, and third party custom ROM. MIUI, Baidu cloud OS, Le frog OS, dim sum OS...... When the third party ROM era of hot, how many game player is keen on all the mobile phone "scrubbing brush (brush). Today, in addition to MIUI (with its own brand of millet phone support), the third party ROM basically have OVER GAME. The reason, it is now the only remaining mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly focused on the experience of the system level, the user can not find a reason to replace the third party ROM.

so the phone system, who also don't despise who, system function characteristic not what technical content, you today as a selling point of the main function, people the second day system can support.

in short, mobile phone chain contempt really some "hypocritical" too, the phone is good with knowing what's the most.

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