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Child welfare Canada investment immigration

tengxunjiaoyu· 2016-04-18 19:27:57

is well known, the Canadian welfare level is higher. Today, more and more immigrants to Canada, there are a lot of people because of Canada's welfare, as well as for children in the future will be able to receive a good education and the choice of immigrants. Xinhua children immigration experts said, in Canada and the birth of a child to raise children, you can enjoy a lot of benefits you can not imagine. Let's just take a look at it.

pregnancy false

for the same Employer Services over 20 weeks, have the right to ask for 17 weeks of pregnancy holidays (before and after the production can be). Women in the application for maternity leave should provide a doctor out of pregnancy, the employer should allow women workers leave, while guaranteeing that she resumed work and get the same wages and benefits. In addition to maternity leave, the female workers can temporarily leave to go to the hospital for pregnancy examination. < p > pregnancy allowance < pregnant grant in aid to the specific calculation method is: from the third week began, the payment of personal salary (before 28 weeks pay for the calculation of the standard 55%, amount to every two weeks up to get 447 yuan (before tax), till the false ending (52 weeks). Most pregnant subsidies can only receive 15 weeks.

parental leave

father and mother are entitled to 35 weeks of unpaid parental leave. Parental leave is from after the birth of a child or adoption to a preschool children before they can begin, but the end of the time not later than the next seven a week. Birth parents or adoptive parents can receive up to 35 weeks of child care allowance, so that it can stay at home to take care of newborn babies or adopted children

. This allowance from mother or father or parents who receive two people share the subsidies. Welfare < < immigrating to Canada for the education of their children for immigration to Canada to obtain permanent residency, the children of immigrants can enjoy from kindergarten to high school tuition free, attending a university degree or above, tuition as long as the international study of 1 / 3 and apply for a low interest student loans, can also give priority to get a scholarship. < p > Canada's teaching method is very user-friendly, will foster the child's interest interest more. In the hobby explore their ability to create, a full range to cultivate children's independence, responsibility and leadership skills. This way of education, to better allow the children of new immigrants quickly into the multi cultural life in North America, so that children grow into a truly international talent. Xinhua children immigration experts said, this also allows more and more parents have their children sent to Canada to receive education.

in Canada to study, to enter the high school stage is meant to be independent, students can choose their own professional, planning their career direction, personal skills can also be reflected in the actual. < p > Xinhua children of immigrants experts said the 2016 will be the best time to Quebec Immigration, 2017, Quebec, investment immigration deal if implemented, will undoubtedly increase the difficulty in applying for and application to improve the cost. Suggested that there will be a willingness to immigrant Canadian investors, as soon as possible to contact the professional migration company, as soon as possible to prepare the application materials submitted.

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