Riches myth belongs only to the network anchorwoman with men earn good money

Network anchor riches feeling

wangyicaijing· 2016-05-26 14:52:28

let this be tempted ajay. After the Spring Festival, he also in YY broadcast created his own studio, but a few months down he slouched, "this money bad money." According to

, 9 points every night, the hero will pull on the cord, less than 2 square meters bedroom bed as his stage. He offered to onlookers in a long one hour show, including singing, to (a rap performance), performance gap, he and fans will also chat, mobilize the atmosphere of the scene.

to chat with fans like friends, they say, I would like to give the first time to respond, so that they think I care about them, care for them. But actually as friends, after all, so hard performing is hope they could repay the ", said Adger, see there's fans to send gift rolling on the screen, even if that is not expensive, his heart will accelerate, could not help but happy.

however, such a good time is not much. The Ajie has broadcast a total of nearly 100. Most of the time live is sparse. The majority of tourists tyrant rarely, most a also got hundreds of pieces of rewards, which three to broadcast platform and three to the public will (specialized training anchor of the brokerage company). < p > he forget afterwards, pre to show the effect, I bought a camera, microphone, also bought wallpaper and curtains to beautify the live. That is to say, this a few months when the male anchor, the actual loss of the.

rich mythology of belongs only to female anchor

in Adger seems, in addition to the fledgling talent still need to improve the external, not red, one of the reasons is not holding consortium, not on the scoreboard, gathered not huge fans. < p > he bluntly, Showtime broadcast the so-called "millions of years to make", "million contract" wealth myth, all belong to the female anchor, after all, male users is the world's main, "girls as long as pretty, even if the talent is not prominent, there are a lot of people holding. "< p > in fact, circles are well aware, live in the female anchor is" sellers show ", show software comes with repair function, singing can also be system repair tone, out of the studio, most female anchor is an ordinary looking, no attractions. Some female anchor to stand out, or because you know the good relationship with the user. Fans send virtual gifts, they or ogle or coquetry, some female anchor will build tyrant group, like love like of all sorts of these users care about, to maintain stable relationship. < p > "do these, female anchor has natural advantage, I always can't in front of a bunch of Tate's husband shouted 'Pro' 'baby'", Ajie said. However, reporters also noted, Ajie outreach will self proclaimed "Yan is the highest male anchor", broadcast between male anchor also in the dresser attract eyeball.

user sex ratio imbalance, how to break secretly observe some of the popular male anchor live, some male anchor of the show

Adger, and he had to secretly admire. These male anchor is mainly to that part of the song is original, their performance is often full of passion, and part of the tyrant night also can hit a few million yuan. < although only a handful of high social status of the host, but this number to Ajie some hope, "as long as there is a talent is the Federation of luminous gold. And then how to say, live a good business, the money can still earn more than the general working class. "

he had planned to leave the original broadcast platform, in addition to a mobile phone APP platform. Recently he has to learn some new songs, find some friends to do the promotion, hoping to break something. < p > conversation. Ajay is also presented, the host can strive to improve their own personal charm, but showcases user sex ratio imbalance the status quo, by his own inability to change. Network show caught male users of pain: loneliness and sense of satisfaction, when you brush the quite a lot of money, the public screen will call your name, let the user's vanity get great satisfaction. However, women can through the shopping, chat with girlfriends, to vent, want a platform to think of some ways to attract female customers, after all, fans sister Starchaser degree of madness is amazing.

in the future is more willing to pay for the fun of the show

days ago, the speed transit Research Institute released the first quarter of 2016, the first quarter of the mobile market report. The report notes that dance, singing is showcases live users concerned about the main content, has a good body, good dance of the female anchor in the lens swaying dance, is a large number of male users pay for the goal. In fact, the live show in the gender distribution of users, male users accounted for 83.4%, female users are relatively small. Speed transit Research Institute and the executive director of Chun Hui Cheng told reporters revealed that the surveyed male anchor each month also through showcases live earn one thousand yuan, in contrast, female anchor of the show, is not a teenager into a million or even more, their ability to make money difference very far.

however, speed transit that show live current development too fast, not benign. Female anchor in order to attract fans have to take the risk, make many stimulating special moves, by the regulatory authorities of a serious warning. Therefore, in strengthening the supervision conditions, showcases live mode began to usher in a round of changes, the future signing artists may not limited to anchor, but more talented creator of grassroots, let more people have a platform to show themselves. Similarly, after the audience to see enough beauty, but also willing to pay for a more interesting performances. < p > reporter observed, in YY, Betta or banners and other platforms, show patterns of popularity anchors is no longer the beauty of the world, ranking in front are often male anchor. YY entertainment general manager Zhou Jian also said in an interview with the media, the content of the king is gradually becoming the mainstream of live video, a single chat mode has been difficult to attract the attention of the audience. < [related atlas] < [reading] < the three female anchor: after 90 beauty live makeup shopping with a monthly income of tens of thousands of < reticulocyte is network Reds referred to. Today, the rapid development of mobile Internet to promote the development of the network, red hot behind the brewing a certain business opportunities. According to the reporter, "live + electricity suppliers" to become the new gathering place of the current network, but also become their new shake Qian Shu.

barrage + interactive mobile live crowd anchors into the focus of the chase? < p > for various capital or capital, topic, trends and content is to attract their focus, some grass-roots Internet users with short video, mobile broadcasting and transformed into "red", seems to have become a new "Star" path.

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