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SF Empire or course

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"and Wang Wei always pragmatic, low-key, Atsuyuki muffled hair style big money, SF established since, never seek media reports, or active voice. "Liu Hao to the wild horse financial analysis.

this reorganization also lets stuffy SF financial data noise Fadacai light. Announcement shows that from 2013 to 2015 operating income was 27 billion 300 million yuan, 38 billion 900 million yuan, 48 billion 100 million yuan; net profit was 1 billion 831 million yuan, 475 million yuan, 1 billion 94 million yuan.

"investor signs up for" reported, Wang Wei in 1971 was born in Shanghai, the father is an air force Russian translation, the mother is a university professor of a college in Jiangxi. But he was born in a typical intellectual family, but he didn't go to college. At the age of 7, Wang Wei, the whole family moved from mainland China to Hongkong, but the mainland's education to Hongkong but not to be recognized, so they had to do workers, earn micro-blog's income. Which also makes from tasted poverty and discrimination, the taste of Wang Wei in after graduating from high school did not read, but early into the community. He worked as a cleaner, as a porter, in Uncle ShouDeXia work. Later, in Shunde printing and dyeing factory for a job that he opened the life the most important cause.

in the late 80s and early 90s, a lot of Hongkong clothing, printing and dyeing company in order to save costs have set up factories in the mainland, only to stay in Hongkong. Many factories will send someone to help put the printing and dyeing samples to Hongkong. Often travel to Hong Kong and the mainland of Wang Wei spotted the opportunity, from his father borrowed 10 million yuan start-up capital, in the Guangdong Foshan Shunde area registered set up specialized sent express SF company. That year is 1993, Wang Wei was only 22 years old, personally pies work piece, the first year the company only six individuals.

due to the market demand pain points, Shun Feng to Shunde soon as a base to expand the scope of business to the whole territory of Guangdong. After 1999, the beginning of the "SF express kingdom" kaijiangtuotu in cooperation and join in the way of agency.

26 at the age of, Wang Wei is almost a monopoly of the mainland through Hong Kong Express, it is said, Hong Road Express Freight car ten cars with seven cars is good luck. < p > Wang Wei once the success attributed to: "my wife when I get dizzy with success, splashed constantly cold water on me, let me keep a clear and calm. Found a spiritual support, the letter of buddhism. Personal development, personal vision and mind on the steps. "< joined the agency model is extended, some franchisees often in freight Sihuo entrainment, some franchisees is" borrow a boat to go to sea ", with Shun Feng brand to attract business, accumulation of customers. Because a complaint telephone, Wang Wei decided to strong income. The partners' interests, agents are combined to join Wang Wei "a bit of color". Once threatened to make Wang Wei pay the price of life, which is also the origin of Wang Wei began to enable the bodyguard. < p > withstood the pressure of Wang Wei, in 2002 the successful right, SF ushered in the first major turning point: from joining the agency turned straight battalion of. At the same time, set up a headquarters in Shenzhen, located in the domestic high-end express.

2003 year, "SARS" swept nationwide, air freight fell, SF and Yangtze River Express sign under 5 charter agreement, express industry from the land and sea level ascension into the air. In one fell swoop laid the "King" of the status of the world. Started SF SF


"express", but obviously, Wang Wei will be sights on the logistics of the whole industry chain and electricity, fresh, property, finance and other more extensive territory, and relying on the SF holdings, re combing their "empire".

since 2013 the introduction of investment, after a series of maneuvers equity holdings, SF integration received A-Tech Holdings (formerly wind group), SF express Jiada property and faith Co.'s Fitch consulting company, including transportation, storage, trying to build the link scheduling, logistics industry chain ecology. And began to enter the electricity business, fresh, property, financial services and other fields:

(Figure: SF Holdings subsidiary company)

logistics industry chain, SF holdings provide business express, international express delivery, supplier delivery, warehousing and distribution, reverse logistics and other courier services, and logistics, cargo express cargo transport & transportation services, at the same time, also to the field of food and medicine of the guest Households to provide cold chain transportation services; in the logistics service based on, SF holdings also opened insured, collecting money, such as a variety of value-added services; in addition, started with the logistics of SF holdings, actively in recent years as the financial sector layout, already has third party payment, factoring, financial leasing, small loan etc. multiple financial license. < p > and has become the SF SF Empire "the core of the company holding, its predecessor is" Shenzhen Tai Hai Investment Co., Ltd., was established on July 15, 2008. As of recently, the shareholder structure is as follows:

(Figure: SF ownership structure) < the, Shenzhen Ming Tak Holdings Development Co., Ltd., whose predecessor is SF (Group) Co., Ltd., can be seen from the graph, founder of SF Wang Wei with SF holding nearly 68.40% shares. < p > however, is worth noting, at the end of September 2015, SF holdings will sell business holdings, SF electricity suppliers, the SF business all the equity transfer, buy side also SF the controlling shareholder of the Ming Tak Holdings, broad strokes investment etc.. In this regard, "announcement" given in the explanation is "to improve the quality of asset operation and protect the interests of shareholders".


failure has been in the past few years of internal transformation. By the end of May 2014, SF in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities across the country opened 518 line online shopping services Community Shop "Hey SF off", and said the group will invest nearly 10 billion yuan to build for a total of more than 30000 stores large communities o2o project.

however, heavily built community O2O stores hey off poor management, industry insiders speculated that the cumulative loss of more than 1 billion yuan a few years. But because SF has not publicly this data, wucongkaozheng.

"Hey" project is very aggressive, no understanding of consumer psychology. Narrow experience store put a few scattered goods to online shopping, or Internet shopping in the store, the flow of the conversion efficiency is very poor, and there's no way to online shopping platform competition, not really on the line to the flow shop with the effective use of. An electric business platform executives Chen Feng to the horse financial analysis hey off project failure causes. < p > in addition, the announcement also disclosed that at the end of September 2015, SF sold business holdings, SF electricity suppliers, the SF business 100% of the shares. Prices were 10 yuan, 0.5 yuan, 0.5 yuan. According to Kun yuan of assets evaluation Co., Ltd., issued on October 31, 2015 Kunyuan commentary report [] 2015 No. 677, Kun yuan commentary report [] 2015 678 the assets assessment report, "display, the electricity supplier SF, SF business in 2015 September 30, the interests of all shareholders by market price value method is used to evaluate, assess value amounted to $-525460.55. That, in the SF electricity supplier SF business before being sold at a loss. < p > and had emerged in the SF official homepage "Hey off sub channels show has disappeared, replaced by" SF preferred.

in physical stores, SF hey passengers also began large-scale upgrade. The first is the transformation of the SF hey off home "in May of this year in Shenzhen opened somewhere in Nanshan District. According to media without crown financial reporting SF responsible person said, "SF" opened the "SF preferred" and "Hey off two channels, on line online shopping service and offline distribution function were the greatest degree of optimization binding.

after the transformation of the status quo? Mustang finance is the problem on the afternoon of May 23, and High Commissioner for public affairs, SF Gu Qian telephone contact, but as of press time ago, Gu Qian did not answer the phone, also did not reply. < p > as SF of logistics industry "big brother to take the lead", has been trying to in financial, business and other kaijiangtuotu, "if successful will undoubtedly greatly enhance the valuation of imagination, only at present, it seems, at least the progress of business not too smooth", Liu Hao to Mustang Finance this analysis.

express industry in the battle of the capital

SF express industry as a boss is starting the latest market a, and take a short, flat, fast backdoor way. Previously, Wang Wei when it comes to listed companies has publicly said: "the benefits of listing is nothing but misappropriating funds required for the development of enterprises. SF is also short of money, but money can not be listed in order to sf. SF may not be listed in the short term, the future will not be listed for listing, for misappropriating the listing. "< / P > < p > Liuhao / > revealed that in SF development of this more than 20 years, Chinese and foreign, VC, PE capital from various quarters to find resources to persuade SF recipient, but declined to Wang Wei. Until 2013, Yuan Wo Holdings, China Merchants Group, CITIC Capital, capital of the ancient jade joint investment SF about 25% of the shares, the amount of investment 80 billion yuan. SF still announced that not listed.

this time investment is also seen as a powerful combination of strategic investment. However, Mustang finance found from this time the announcement of disclosure, August introducing investment, began in September 2013, SF launched a combing architecture within a series of movements. Including the SF express, Jaguar holdings acquired property, SF SF aviation shares. < in addition to the promotion of investment institutions, according to an analysis, SF is not listed on the strategic change, and competitors have backdoor, bring the pressure of competition. On 2 December 2015, sto announced listed backdoor Yi Dixi, announcement set out the original assets, placement Shentong express 100% equity, at a price of 169 billion yuan. December 14th, the successful landing of the capital market, becoming the first courier. The capital market responds with the warm response, Aidixilianla 13 trading board. April 2016, Yuantong Express backdoor listing of its suits, at a price of 17 billion 500 million yuan, the market responded with 5 trading board. < p > in addition, express also plans listed in the United States; the second echelon of the private courier industry peak express, launched last year, the D round of financing, Liu Wei, President of peak express publicly in preparation for this listing of the new board; rhyme delivery and post delivery also have listed on the impact of the action.

for good luck, although the advantage, but many competitors have been the power of the capital markets. Last year, in some indicators of the express industry, Yuantong express once beyond the SF status. In addition to these for express industry leader status eyeing competitors SF also faces Alibaba rookie network and Jingdong self-management logistics of invasion, the Internet giant's strength can not be underestimated. SF if not the way will not step private medical Ciming big brother dust? There is a lot of talk about.

clearly, Wang Wei has been aware of the subtle changes in the pattern of competition may bring the impact. The fierce market competition and the competition also brings stimulation to SF action. By the end of 2015, good at capital operation, a former Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Investment Banking Division vice president Liang Xiang SF joined and served as group vice president.

2016 February 18th, SF EXPRESS released the listing counseling announcement, indicating that the company intends to market in the country, is currently accepting CITIC, China Merchants and Huatai joint three securities companies listed counseling.

SF finally out of the listing of this step, also has placed itself under the sun. < p > the capital to help the domestic express industry, to be launched a new round of land, sea and air escalation of the war, Wang Wei trader SF can protect the throne of the private express industry, is still unknown.

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