Shenhua TEDA base friendship, do not forget the "blue sky"!

TEDA Shenhua

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this paper put aside for the moment the analyse two tactical and technical strength contrast, want to talk about the two teams of friendship from the history of the "blue sky", why Shenhua TEDA fans called each other "friend", and this relationship, look at the entire Chinese football, it should be is the earliest established. Of course, we also can not forget already relegated in Qingdao can (before the sea cow), the three teams have jointly in the Chinese football play a belongs to their brand.

in the history of modern Chinese national industry, the "blue sky" is at that time the most famous textile industrial base ", Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin referred to. You know, in heavy industry has not really rise before, Chinese modern industry is first lighter industry, especially the textile industry began to force, Shanghai, Tianjin and Qingdao, the coastal city, natural harbor advantages promote advancing the degree of internationalization, on the introduction of foreign production technology and management system, is also a walk in the forefront of the. So when Shanghai, Qingdao and Tianjin, the proportion in the national economy is very high, this also let three cities become the "Star" in the economic field, football field of the "blue sky" the profound historical background.

it was in 2001 a a times by Shenhua, TEDA and manatees (now) three clubs jointly initiated and launched the "blue sky" football match. The author then still in student generation, whenever the League intermittent period, will pay attention to the events. At that time three team is mainly the game oriented fraining, maintain state, due to the good relationship, also contributed to the the event held for many years. Later, with the advent of the era of super, the AFC Champions League restructuring, including the combined effect of A3 League, League Cup, FA Cup and a number of events, the event has been canceled, because there is no long time available for play the.

although" blue sky "football disappear. But Shenhua, manatee (now) and the TEDA is not broken too, especially the three fans, often with" brother "and" friend "call each other. So far, fans of Tianjin TEDA follow South Shanghai, Shanghai fans follow Shenhua north to Tianjin Wei. Match each other cry expression welcome. After the game whether victory or defeat, the home team will fete distance friends, beer roast on kidneys go......

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