The eldest son of David Beckham has been traced to "super girl" to marry him

Beckham as the eldest son wife.

fenghuangyule· 2016-05-26 17:11:49

17 year old Brooklyn and 19 year old super kill female love warm, confess love not only more affectionate, also generous in the city of London date, according to reports, Brooklyn with his girlfriend to see friends, the other is "wife". He also to friends complain, said ultra kill women not only a refused his offer of marriage, because his girlfriend think two people are still too young, and now want to stay in the stage of male and female friends. < p > however, claiming to be the Beckham family relatives jumped out, he said Brooklyn has never been to the woman for marriage, "Brooklyn just a 17 year old boy, although he does love Moritz, but the proposal that was just a rumor. "

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