The masses of poor students funded officers exercise on Boiled Egg took off in the rain

Eggs poor students officers and soldiers the masses

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< p > source: Liberation Army daily client authors: Department of Bai Yunfei Jun Yi Zhou Yin Chengdong

to students the poor children.

5 April 24, PLA, Kunming Institute of national cadres and Logistics Engineering Institute "hand in hand - 2016" graduation joint exercise participating soldiers marching to Luquan County of Yunnan Province in the town of screen, that town primary and secondary schools there are 31 poor students, officers and soldiers to initiate the donation activities, for helping poor students. Class= img_box "

soldiers in an orderly offer of love. < resident of the masses is overnight home soil eggs cooked sent to soldiers in the hands, bid farewell to drill soldiers, wrote the song "army cherishes the people, Yongjun" of the beautiful music. Class= img_box "

children are happy to take the money from the hands of the Liberation Army brother.

reporter in the donation activities that accept the donation of 31 poor students, the majority of children of single parent families, of which 2 were orphans, and the lack of a stable family economic source. Class= img_box "

officers and soldiers and poor students together.

soldiers generously donated a total of more than 31000 yuan. After the donation, the students on behalf of the scene was distributed to 31 poor students. Villagers "content img P" >

to make these poor children growing up on the road is no longer lonely, exercise command and mobilization officers and men and the poor students to form one of a pair of helping, continuous Bangdai children growth and success. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" to the officers and men of the egg to the expression of friendship.

it is reported that the officers and men and 31 poor students to form a pair of aid, to win the local people and school teachers and students widely praised. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" the villagers from the window into the eggs, to ensure that the officers and men do not fall.

at the same time, in the town of the masses that the screen of the soldiers came to the town, spontaneously will be home to eat soil eggs to the village committee, commissioned by the village to the officers and men. 24 days 23 night, soldiers had to sleep. Screen town leaders to 13 village will collect more than 4000 eggs sent to the camp of the troops of school, the villagers and school teachers and students had a sleepless night, in the school cafeteria overnight more than 4000 eggs cooked. Class= img_box "

students also come to see off the officers and soldiers, five points in the morning to the hands of the eggs to the officers and men.

25 early in the morning on 5, rain swirling air, micro cold, the soldiers ready to go, just out of college, resident students and villagers come up and surround, pieces of warm eggs to officers and men of the arms stuffed, pocket, pocket, stuffed to the brim. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" people's Liberation Army uncle, you must accept.

after the forces of launching soldiers look back, the children still waving in the rain. In a moment, the soldiers eyes moist, look up, breaking away the sky, lit up at the foot of the road. Class= img_box "

officers and men holding hands is not only an egg, but also the people heavy friendship. < p > ciqingcijing, people can not help but sigh: Despite the passage of time, time changes, like fishwater deeply between the army and the people, always inherit, continuous heavy.

(source: Liberation Army daily client Author: Hou Min white Yunfei Zhou Junyi

Yin Chengdong)
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