The cycle of 20 years without being deliberately as if a generation had passed the legend mentioned

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probably shouldn't believe weird things, but in this world, perhaps there is reincarnation. 1995-96 season, the Bulls swept 72 wins, terrible ambition, Jordan in revenge, the media and the opponent's mouth blown.

1996, curly haired youth with a face refuses to enter the league, his face, like most of the Wang Shuobi under the Beijing Wanzhu. The season of

2015-16 warriors swept 73 wins, than it was 20 years ago and terrible ambition is no less, curry handheld peacock, bursting with confidence. When a person can make such a weapon will reach the acme of perfection realm, all the clothes. His

2016, curly had become bald uncle smile farewell, time worn edges and corners, engraved a glorious legend.

this is the day to shine with great splendor is the most touching, sad day. Warriors

so powerful, that various folks have been scared, so had no choice but to Baotuan. Is not a coalition, but can work together. Apart from the warriors fans, many people are looking forward to have the greatest hero in the world stand out, will defeat the evil warrior. The Spurs were once regarded as the most promising one, but they also failed.

many teams, a lot of people, all was gearing up trying to challenge the warriors, but the most is the tragedy, tragedy and tragedy. When the horror story is over the United States, the rules will change. OK in the period of the Lakers, the heat of the big three era, they are very strong enough to beat their team can triumphantly boast; while the change to the warriors, as long as the warrior force to the last moment, even if small negative somewhat, also can swagger of bragging. />

Kobe so great, that regardless of the north and south, people young and old, are beginning to brewing feelings, initiation of emotion. Force level is another matter, but many people as much as possible to stack it used to modify Kobe's valiant record. From the circle of friends of friends to the video text of the tear of the bombing, almost overwhelming. Maybe Jordan should be glad, when he retired, network is just emerging, mobile network to know where to talk about, so he can relatively quiet waved goodbye; probably glad Jordan will slightly jealous, because today's staples arena, Kobe is not a legend, and is not the king, but God.

forget shitty record, forget the apprehension about the future, forget all the worries and not fast, all comet wanted to see Kobe Bryant, the last eye. />


pull the bolt, and fire, no need to retain no need to save the physical. This is the last war, occupation career. Since then, the black mamba will return to the stadium. Aware of this Kobe, from the beginning the crazy attack, crazy shot. This also exactly corresponds to the wishes of the fans, the money comes into play, but also figure what? Of course, for this last act. O'neal has long said, "boy, the last one to cut 50 points." Kobe turned a supercilious look, "do you want to kill me?"

he may really down, go Jun think so.

but to ending the war, just discovered that the previous all is illusion. Kobe didn't let go. He just put everything in the end. He is still fighting, still raging, still blood. />

but the fact is that he is still a very fierce venom, the black mamba. />

Bryant upturned mouth. I have a fuel;

audience yelling, the boss happy.

jazz has been scared urine. This is joking?

final confrontation, Bryant on my own hook Jazz team and two penalty will be all individual scores rated at 60 after, the game is no suspense. 50 shots, 60 points, the perfect counter attack, and nothing is more wonderful than the ending.

throughout Bryant's entire career, he to beginning to end in the walk extreme, for example --

his diligence, extremely, from four o'clock in the morning the streets of legend, until the day after day at 4 a.m., which to build Bryant's radical. Without hard work, how amazing? You can't put the limited energy, devoted to the unrestrained nightclub.

him extremely powerful, from the Jordan era of the first people to alliance first point guard, from 81 terrorist plot to ending the war 60 romantic ending. Kill every time, as are telling the horror of Kobe.

he is confident the extremely, from beginning to end, he firmly believes that he could become a truly peerless, even if come finally resigned, also want to use a luxurious and HTC's grand, to show his boundless popularity.

so will naturally formed two completely different evaluation -- --

someone love him extremely, but also people hate him extremely;

because his arrogant extremely, also because he extremely arrogant;

eventually is lucky extremely, but unfortunately extremely. />

this kind of charm, enough to crush goose factory server, more than 2000 million while watching video, what kind of experience?

the final whistle, come to an end, Kobe smiled and said goodbye to all people. Perhaps in a sentence "these twenty years I have no regrets, to better highlight the Bazhe power? Maybe。 />

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