New workplace with these App, win in the starting line of the proper and proper work of the new career

Starting line

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Author: Fang Zhishan
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said 95% of graduates are will have the same kind of confused: should I how to start your career?
read the Devil Wears Prada monster, only sigh goddess an Anne Hathaway is really very beautiful.
brush times know almost "newbies" high praise answer, concern dozens of workplace theme micro size, is then "how to use a year of time access to brainwash others three years of work experience this sentence... Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px
on the workplace, online discussion seems to always say too much, too little. in the end how to begin to develop their own good work habits and professional work attitude? with a good AppSo (micro signal appsolution) recommended by the 10 app, one step at a time to move forward.
A, Institute of management time

to the society, there will be no parents and teacher in imparting around us. Bosses tend to be solutions, not problems. Learn to solve their own problems, to learn how to plan and disassemble the task, learn to set their own Deadline and completed on time, is the necessary ability of the workplace. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px

at this time, a good use of the schedule management app essential.

in thousands of time management app selection recommendation, is because it is simple and easy to use and comprehensive, more suitable for beginners to use.


and June is a also contains calendar app, calendar, tasks and memos function, very suitable for light weight of time management. Its operation method is also very simple, only need simple drag can arrange your schedule and task. More detailed introduction, please see the style= color: "RGB here .

< section style =" margin: 30px 5px 20px; font weight: 700; font size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; "> automatically find time: Google Calendar #iOS #Android

* Note: use need the ladder.

career on the fast pace of work always let many people exhausted, back home often only want to limp on the sofa. Mobile phones can provide lots of information to stimulate our nerves, so we can easily without consciousness brush brush the phone off for two or three hours. how to avoid such a waste of time? First of all, you need to know what you should do in this time.

we very like Google Calendar recently added the new features: < strong > input you want to reach the goal, a week to perform frequency and duration, then it automatically for you to find the right time < / strong >.

less the cost of plan, perform more energy, more can span style = "color RGB (51, 51, 51); line-height: 28px; issues justify;" > see this article < span style = "color RGB (51, 51, 51); line-height: 28px issues justify;" >.

two, learn how to manage" money "
the automatically bookkeeping: Netease rich #iOS #Android

each new job, need a Book app to manage their expenses. And Store App repeatedly recommended NetEase money will be a good choice for you.

. Officials say that it is" no entry bookkeeping app ". it can and the mainstream of the bank's online banking bills, credit card bills and other automatic real-time synchronization. more details can be seen style= color: "RGB here .

for everyone, especially is in the outer hard, manage money, we will live a good life.

three, do not stop learning, their

the world is changing every day, or even change the speed faster and faster day by day. will only "do" will not learn, then you can only become a "move the brick work". to develop the habit of absorbing information and thinking every day, you can make your brain more and more powerful.
read daily is famous quiz community" almost "produced the app. Highly open read daily, everyone can do editor, content recommendation. no matter whether it is public or website, you can read it here.

here not only can browse know almost daily featured "almost daily", can also pay attention to the editor in chief of a breakdown in the field, check daily TA select good content, < strong> your sense of areas of interest or your industry content, have recommended < / strong >. Pay attention to our AppSo now also settled in the read daily, search for "< span style =" color RGB (193, 58, 67); ">AppSo" will be able to!

#iOS #Android
" red is the world's largest workplace social networking platform for Chinese users to do the app. in the above you can not only communicate with all walks of life in the workplace, to discuss the current hot spots, but also to participate in their online sharing.

rabbit and a variety of workplace topics discussed, these all are books that are not on the "soft skills", let you in the workplace to develop more smoothly.

expand foreign perspective: Ted #iOS #Android
TED have science, design, literature, music, etc. in various fields, including the wonderful speech. Many of the speakers are experts in the field, at work, at noon break time, with a cup of coffee time, the absorption of foreign advanced high quality knowledge.

information: Pocket #iOS fragments gather parts into a whole #Android

fragment reading is not helpful, because you do not have systematic finishing after reading. AppSo (micro signal appsolution) recommend using pocket this "later reading" app, it can will you want to read but haven't had time to read the article used together, waiting for you to find the right time to carefully read.

Pocket let you do not interrupt the current of thoughts, but also conducive to the knowledge absorption. if there is really no time to see with the eyes, you can "listen to the article", recommend you to look at .

4, professional work

workplace workplace of the rules.

used the QQ chat, you need to learn to mail this form of communication; on the road in a variety of document processing, became the a are often faced with the need of things; summary report proposals even self introduction, you also need to make a decent ppt. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px

get twice the result with half the effort mailing assistant: outlook #iOS #Android

it support add most of the email account, use gestures to easily manage your mail (archiving, deleting, arrangements for later processing, etc.), for the novice also won't have what difficult to get started.

in addition, it also built on the calendar, documents and contact support. For example, in the work of the docking process, it is inevitable to transfer files. Outlook provides the ability to focus on the management of mail attachments, but also supports Google, Drive Dropbox and other cloud hard disk. Style= color: "inherit font-size:; inherit margin:; 32px 5px

more introduction, you can style= color: "RGB read this article .

anytime and anywhere in the document processing: WPS office #iOS #Android

WPS can meet you are dealing with demand for documentation on the road.

it supports viewing and editing word documents, Excel and PPT file, also support view PDF and other functions. < / strong > its file sharing function is also very convenient, can be in the same WiFi network and computer transmission, also supports the Dropbox, Google drive and other foreign network disk.

in addition, login and register a free 1GB of cloud storage space, if that is not enough. You can also pay to upgrade storage space.

PPT:Canva #Web #iPad

work report and customer proposals, and even newcomers when self introduction...... PPT is an eternal topic in the workplace. Style= color: "inherit

Microsoft's PowerPoint, Apple's Keynote and the WPS mentioned above can do PPT. But if you want to get rid of the popular template, may wish to try Canva this foreign app. It provides a lot of artistic sense of the template, you need to do is to choose the template and fill in the text.

if you want to play themselves, above also has you need all materials < / strong >: free material map, vector icon, lines, lattice...... Temporarily it only iPad client, but want to use the friends can also use the web version of

AppSo. Science and technology closer to the distance between people, every day we are on the site to see a variety of successful winners and so-called skills. But there is no shortcut to growth, and there are only every moment of concentration and effort.

technology progress and not to let us in social comparison and impetuous mentality, but < strong > help us communicate with many more professionals, on the edge of the contact information and learning information < / strong >. Style= color: "inherit margin:; inherit font-size:; 32px 5px line-height:; 28px

in this way, the future will have more possibilities.

, this paper made a better phone with AppSo original product, pay attention to the micro signal appsolution, reply to "< span style =" color RGB (193, 58, 67); "> find work " gets a necessary to find a working app list.

< section style= "margin-top: 30px; margin-bottom: 30px; > " With a year of time to get people three years of work experience is actually very simple, your work time to become a person of three times it can be ah.
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