China Everbright with billions of dollars to acquire new financial center in Hongkong!

Finance purchase Hongkong big use

touzijie· 2016-05-27 00:30:09

5 April 24, China Everbright Group and its Everbright formally completed on Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong No. 108 large new financial center building the overall acquisition.

it is understood that the acquisition by the China Everbright Group and China Everbright Holdings accounted for 83.33% and 16.67% of the joint venture, the overall purchase price of approximately HK $10 billion.

"will hold the property for long-term investment and private office, the remaining space will be leased. "China Everbright side said.

Everbright also further pointed out that the core of Hongkong's commercial lots of land and property supply is still in short supply, the entire sale of the property is rare, so the core area of the commercial property optimistic outlook.

data show that in 2015, the total assets of China Everbright Group reached 3 trillion and 500 billion yuan, annual profit of 53 billion yuan.

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