The inevitable end and become rivals Apple or Tesla

Tesla trend apple rival

weifengwang· 2016-05-27 01:53:15

< p > whenever we talk about BMW will always think of Mercedes Benz, and talked about the Honda will always think of Toyota, when it comes to IOS will always think of Android, now, it seems that every time we talked about Apple car, Tesla will become another focus of our attention.

although apple and Tesla on the surface looks pretty and agreeable ", but both the smell of gunpowder is gathering is an indisputable fact. < p > and the latest news said that apple is working on how to electric vehicle charging, Apple has under consideration for its electric vehicle for more appropriate charging station solution, which will undoubtedly continue to touch Tesla nerve. More widely, perhaps Car Apple does not seem to exist in the research and development sketches on the work, after all, if it is not to launch an electric car, Apple will study the charging station solutions? Why

said Apple and Tesla will become a pair of enemies, rather than apple or BMW and Mercedes Benz. From the point of view of ideas and intersection degree, apple undoubtedly and Tesla is most similar, after all, the traditional BMW and Mercedes Benz car makers could not only electric vehicle, which is a production line, Tesla to the contrary, they only in the electric vehicle, which is a way forward in the end, integrated all aspects of factors, apple is bound to develop the brutal competition with Tesla, into the imaginary enemy. < p > but apple now no matter how aggressive, recently, we are unable to see the birth of Apple's car, and relationship between Tesla and Apple will will not become more subtle. We also unknown, to put it another way. In fact, we're looking forward to see the birth of such enemies, in addition to let the market become more lively outside. We can see each other's progress, why not do it.

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