The most silent crash: "white apple" is how to return a responsibility?

IPhone apple no words thing

qudongzhijia· 2016-05-27 01:53:53

four, unexplained "white apple"

for unknown reasons "white apple" also have analysis, perhaps with boot startup items too much, user error deleting components, set permissions error, and this causes "white apple", a lot of users cannot be reversed to repair, this must be to be pay attention to, and be careful.

finished the cause of the white apple, we come to talk about how to solve the white apple bar! To solve the white apple first to distinguish whether your iPhone has been in prison, after the escape of the white apple's solution to the trouble than no escape. One of us said.

first of all, if you do not jailbreak iPhone, it is relatively simple. The user can solve the. The first step is to on the computer download iTunes (downloaded users please ignore); the second step is to download a new IOS firmware to your computer; the third step is running iTunes, which are connected to the computer and the iPhone the data line; the fourth step is also hold the iPhone's power and home button for a period of time (about 10 seconds) and release the power button, do not loosen the home button, waiting for your iPhone to iTunes recognition; the fifth step is in recognition of iTunes on your iPhone, and in iTunes for recovery equipment options and choose to recover the equipment, iTunes will re on the iPhone install IOS. In this way, after the installation is completed, the white apple problem is solved. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" second, if you jailbreak the iPhone, there are several ways to try to solve the "white apple"". Why do you want to try this word? Because there are times when prison break caused by the white apple is irreversible, this white apple you can only take the apple store repair.

method < / strong >, press and hold the power button and the home button for several seconds until the phone restart and the boot process only press the volume keys (), has been holding down. If you can turn on the phone, then open the Cydia, uninstall the installation of the jailbreak plugin, and then restart the phone can be.

method 2 < / strong >, and not escape the way to revert to the first steps of the same, until the fifth step, after the iPhone restart, iTunes will pop-up page prompts will erase all content, also will work with Apple's server verify the recovery, when after the completion of the verification and extract the file, iTunes will automatically for iPhone reinstall download firmware version, waiting for after successful installation to plug the phone card network activation iPhone can be.

if these methods are unable to help you repair your iPhone "white apple" phenomenon, it might because your iPhone hardware problems there, this time. You can only go to the apple store or apple signing service network restoration.

Apple store reservation website:

signed maintenance of service network query URL:

in the final to remind everyone that escape the risk is very big, please do not easily try!

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