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culture, generally contains the bones can not shake the values from time to time will be a bad one. Old Mu Dan, Eileen Chang, Marcks love, Keats. However, the other side, as a businessman, especially the electricity suppliers, he needs to cater to people, but also young people.

start a close call. While the old success has come too early, too smooth.

2000 years involved in creating a network of excellence, the aged and Lei partner; in aged become excellent executive vice president for six months after the August 2004, the giant Amazon $75 million M & a network of excellence. , aged of Joyo squad and runs down the electricity business ideas do I have a network, engaged in electronic business transactions of virtual goods, eventually to fail closed end. < p > for entrepreneurs, what can let a person willing to take great difficulties and risks, perennially maintain diligence, devotion and perseverance & hellip;?

is a dream? Dream was driven, not a product manager, is a real geek, they may change the world imperceptibly. Like Jobs Elon, like Musk Steve. Most of them can endure loneliness, can downplay past failures, yuecuoyueyong. Because, for fun Just.

or money and fame? Like the Lei so 2004 sell Joyo early to achieve financial freedom, turned angel investors brilliant record, but also once again after the ascetic life, the phone ringing off the hook pull vote founder of millet. < p > the others said, "Lei as general manager of the Jinshan early go on 'the pinnacle of life', was the younger generation such as Pony Ma, Jack Ma, Ding Lei, beyond, and these people. Most of the year are struck his door". How can students be convinced lei.

driven by money and fame, most of their own very cruel, super executive power, but at the same time the lack of patience, fear of failure. It is essential to take a shortcut.

they are likely to succeed first and then fail. Where the

CEO path after it is difficult to aging, the continuation of early success. In 2007, PPG A new force suddenly rises. Masamori limelight. PPG no stores and distributors, through the network to sell moderately priced men's shirts, advertising frequently seen in the major media, shirt sales months beyond younger and other traditional enterprise boss. After several months of investigation, Chen decided to learn PPG, coming out again. October 18, 2007, aged with the network of excellence with a few of the old men, with hundreds of millions of founding the Eslite, online selling style and PPG is very similar to the men's shirts.

" I used to produce clothing is rubbish".

learn from their mistakes can be improved. April 7, 2016, the silence of the two years of the vintage micro Bo said, every guest billions of dollars of debt and nearly 20 billion yuan of inventory problems have been solved. At this point, aged mortal weight to become a real customer.

where the customer has gained tremendous success. Electric platform war, originally aged can become Liu Qiang East, and aging has become now the aged around corners:

2016, may 22, vintage guest talk show "wicked beam Huanxiu" and talk about admiration of Mu Dan, as a poet, said contact to Mu Dan's son is very excited, host he saying: "this kind of feeling is we saw Jay Chou. "Old

then said:" I think Mu Dan should dump Jay Chou hundreds of thousands of street. One hundred years later, we must all remember Jay Chou, Mu Dan is definitely garbage. "Class= img_box" id= "id_imagebox_3"

Jay Chou is rubbish? What about Sora Aoi?

VANCL the brilliance of 2012, every guest invited AOI, aged more brilliance to embrace the Cang teacher. < aged as a middle-aged art, while from the heart look down on young people's idol, while kitsch almost please wildly to earn the money to young people, this kind of conflict, doomed difficult to reconcile. < p > like Lei has been extreme, Internet seven word Jue "attention ultimate word of mouth quickly, in cheap machine to make the fans, the valuation of expansion to 400 billion dollars.

and when the mentality is really into the self positioning, or contempt chain into, is the real mountains and rivers under the sun. < p > Lei superstitious thinking of the Internet, blindly to play online channels, but you have now found with MTK chip oppo, vivo sells the price of 3000 34567 line in the township, finally moist. Oppo, stream of vivo years cultivating sound, camera, after-sales, shaping into a trust people and find the difference of customer brand. < when millet become a department store, when all passengers millet, still at the end of last year with sales of the first Huawei struggle, sales in the first quarter of this year was included in the others.

is fame and money driven, quick success, even if Lei, will suffer a setback. As for his old classmates, once brilliant, unworthy of it compared with Lei Jun. Death

snapshots on the beach "Chen Lang", perhaps, bigger slapping the face is still behind. < p > note: the author Yang Qingshan. The Department of tenderness manuscripts, the first pulse number of public [tenderness] (ID:taoumaimai) < (statement: This article only on behalf of the author's point of view, does not mean that the position of sina.

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