Her boyfriend refused to give 10 thousand pregnant bride bride February Dutch act attempted

Cut bride bride is pregnant Dutch act.

huanqiuwang· 2016-05-27 08:45:27

< p > (original title: in order to ten thousand cailiqian bride micro letter words to stay committed suicide) < p < p > May 24, Nanjing Lishui a had been pregnant for two months pregnant bride to be king, because marriage dowry things with her boyfriend quarrel, her family insisted to 18888 yuan plus a million yuan in cash, but was refused her boyfriend and his family, in a fit of pique unexpectedly at home cut wrist suicide, and in the micro channel message in the circle of friends, but fortunately discovered by Wang sister-in-law, for every a bit far, sister-in-law had to call the police for help. The police rushed to the Wang family, the blood treatment in a hospital in a coma wang. Due to the rescue in a timely manner, to prevent a tragedy. < p > according to reports, Wang two years ago the introduction, understand now the boyfriend, the two sides after full communication understanding, soon to marry the point. In May this year, the two sides parents began to discuss the marriage of two people, the woman's parents put forward to 28888 yuan as the bride price, the man's parents said only up to $18888, both because of the 1 million yuan of bride price difference is always not tanlong eventually broke up. Later, Wang also several times to communicate with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend attitude firmly, unwilling to give so many betrothal gifts, artificial matter repeatedly quarrel, her boyfriend even proposed ideas simply don't get married. But this time, Wang has two months pregnant, often crying his misfortune in front of friends. On the afternoon of May 24, Wang once again with her boyfriend communication to no avail, discouraged, she made a dynamic the circle of friends in the micro channel: "this world farewell." Subsequently, she was at home to cut her wrist suicide. < p > in the king's micro channel issued shortly after, her sister-in-law Cai inadvertently browse to the king in a micro dynamic feel wrong, hurriedly call the king of a telephone, has been no answer, aware of possible after the accident, Cai immediately call the alarm call. After the alarm, in CAI's guidelines, police quickly rushed to the Wang Mou outside, found the doors and windows closed repeatedly knocked on the door and no one response. Police then took special tool broke into the house, in the bedroom found has been attempted Wang, Wang at this time a due to excessive blood loss has been in a coma, police immediately she sent to hospital for treatment. At present, Wang due to rescue in a timely manner has been out of danger.

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