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Ariel Lin Joseph Cheng Jiangsu satellite TV picture sense

fenghuangyule· 2016-05-27 14:39:43

on Friday, countless friends look forward to the Long Zheng Yuanchang and Ariel Lin finally "special partner" in the successful fit in with all the fans collective nostalgia of youth, Ariel Lin "Naoki" is make a public CP powder directly moved to tears ran. Eighth, to two people in the same group of either understanding or trust is more on a floor, the atmosphere between two people is very relaxed and happy, Zheng Yuanchang also whimsy, dress up as the alpaca, Ariel Lin also very complex to imitate, synchronization of understanding, both men and gods is sweet cry all the users. In the latest exposure of the video, two people need to work together to complete assigned tasks: boy lying on the ground, the foot against girls in the crotch to the girls, between two people not have other physical contact. After seeing this action, Joseph Cheng will be very confident to say, "this you just believe that I can! "In the course of the official game, the two is the tacit understanding to the maximum extent, directly and quickly completed the specified action, perfect clearance. Joseph Cheng also said in an interview after the game very easily, this link is really tailored for us. First, our size, weight (very appropriate), and then is our sense of trust. So we don't spend a lot of time on this part. "Finally finished the race, two people are very tired, Ariel Lin warm hearts of patting Zheng Yuanchang back to him SHUNQI slow over the strength of Zheng Yuanchang directly Lanzhu Ariel's shoulder, easily said," go! Let's go home! "

the extraordinary partner" < according to many users reflect, "would have been sorry Naoki and Xiang Qin not in reality together, the two people to fit, really can feel to the feelings between them has been sublimated into the family for a long time. In fact, Ariel Lin and Joseph Cheng I have repeatedly said in an interview that the two people had regard each other as their family, but also an indispensable friend of life. Now Ariel Lin has been harvested to belong to her happiness, many users also wish Joseph Cheng can find her at an early date, into the life of the hall. < p > it is reported, this stage is the final phase of the non elimination stage, next period, twelve star will face more severe challenges. What Zheng Yuanchang and Ariel can smooth customs clearance, two people whether can continue to team to participate in the competition, let us look forward to every Friday night at 22:00 on Jiangsu Satellite TV broadcast the extraordinary partner ". < p > it is reported that eventually won the "special partner" in the last three show winner of three groups of guests will receive 150 million yuan provided by naming Saun Indira Finidi "dare love dream fund", to public welfare undertakings.

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