There are plans to have the words of Microsoft 100000+ employees, the highest annual salary is the 10 people


zhilianzhaopin· 2016-04-18 20:51:52

in 2015 "fortune" "font-size: 14px;" >

100000+ has employees Microsoft (Microsoft) ninety-fifth < /span>

so company staff level is "large-scale unfathomable"

level, salary can increase ten thousand

so I want to have a high level to climb

in the staff, the highest annual salary to the number of positions of these ten

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$190 thousand

human resources Director

senior lawyer $280 thousand

senior researcher $290 thousand

Senior Director of the $300 thousand

300 thousand $

$340 thousand "style=

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$420 thousand

general manager $460 thousand

CEO $18 million

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