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migration is good or bad? Read the "Besieged City" should have a deep understanding of the people. If the car did not put boxes of cash, don't fancy flowers and champagne road. Many overseas countries is, of course, the elderly and children's paradise, lake blue Zhan Zhan, the blue sky fly kite, the floor of the yellow leaves, polite and indifference of the stranger, everything is a reminder that you are drifting. Many immigrants have clung to the "sacrifice himself, for the benefit of future generations" belief, in the fight in insisting that the tolerance and toughness, is it not the national character? This can only show admiration. In the overseas Chinese, many are to conceal their own actual situation, domestic or or well intentioned as it cannot be helped. The following is a once in the beauty of Japanese companies said speaking the truth, may be able to provide a little dry: < p < p > this is a family of three immigration to Canada's fourth year, because there has been no return to gather the tolls, 4 years hasn't been back. The scenery of the familiar hometown in the mind gradually faded color, the memory is also more and more light. Every time the mother on the phone are urged to go home, and familiar like about the changes in my hometown change rapidly. No concept of what, also each for a variety of reasons to postpone the date home, dare not tell father mother life here hardships, monthly income can only barely maintained daily basic necessities, no extra money can go home, can't let elderly parents to add a worry. This year can save some money to go home to see it? I do not dare to say, yes, the two children to go home to see, the old people have not seen my 3 year old son. Change < p < p align = "center" >高薪白领移民后:名校生沦为装修工 没凑够回国路费

< p > Canadian immigration policy to change, I do not know the domestic migrants still fought, of course, we have adapted the living environment in Canada, we also gradually fell in love with the this land, we didn't have to go back to, presumably daughter also do not agree with back, here is the heaven of the elderly and children, I just drift was a little tired, a little tired a, homesick to father mother, wanted my mother to make meals incense to depend on in the loving father Huailisa a charming the. < p > about each immigrants have their own stories, their hopes, and I decided to emigrate to Canada, think funny. For one thing, I don't want to generation after generation of the old road to walk with my daughter and I fixed, the original day is off shorts, change folder, and then put on the trousers, then take off trousers, change the folder, and put on shorts, day after day, year after year, like me when my grandma the old and the old clock, pendulum day tedious swinging, I just want to change the life of appearance, even if the front is a thorny road of no return. Besides, I am escaping marriage. < p > I had in a Japanese multinational company management office, has a very high salary, access to high office, winter can wear beautiful dress, outside cover a cashmere coat, sitting in the company's senior car, import and various departments and units. And my husband, who is very smart, and a famous brand school all the way down, a self righteous business good, so quit payroll, and several elder brother operates a handbag company, come down a few years, but operating bleak. Every month I have to consciously pay all expenses of the family, for a long time, our love also in this misalignment of the family configuration, in the imbalance of the state, went to the brink of death, love alienation, if the horizon. So I hesitate to embark on the "ocean jump" away, her husband later changed his mind, and I decided together to handle immigration procedures. Maybe Harvey, within a year I finished from the submission of documents, to interview, to the whole process of examination. Remember the day I received a visa, I was in the hospital for treatment of cervical spondylosis, the father excitedly told the news. That night, we to the hotel were congratulations, congratulations is about to start a fresh life, we drank a lot of wine, but the moment I caught a glimpse of the father mother's face on the passing of a touch of melancholy and loss, the heart is very guilty.

sociologists generally put a person to the cultural impact of his country is divided into three stages: first, the excitement period; two is the rejection period; the three is the rational integration period. Unfortunately, our first stage in the huge language barriers and rapid economic pressure to collapse, from the domestic brought about by the limited savings, after buying a car and two or three months of spending, leaving only $6000. And unfortunately, at this time, son come, friends joked that this is the gift of God, although we inwardly secretly pleased, but the arrival of the small guy undoubtedly exacerbated the pressure on our economy. My pregnancy response is intense, but I have to dragging the frail body, at McDonald's playing hourly, way to supplement the family income, and secondly taking care of after school daughter. < p > husband one after another in a plastics factory and a food factory work, slaving away every month to earn 1000 dollars, not only enough a month cost, subsidizing more than 1000 pieces. Later I heard that dry decoration the industry to make money, for his wife and children to have a comfortable day, husband very fitters, decisively registered a decoration company, when the boss, while learning to read, side opened for business, really make people admire his courage. Start, her husband in the recruitment business, due to the cost of miscalculation, was also the a large engineering lose very badly, but after all, the husband is brand-name school students, Internet, library and find architectural decoration of professional information, throw beat beat, bumps, bite tight tooth root toughed it over, and now customers continues to expand, can be described as a new vista of it! < p > anyway, although my husband to be my own boss, men have two or three workers, but is not a day for more than ten hours, pursed his ass and workers work together with, each month in addition to the payment of workers wages, deducting the various costs and should pay tax, a month will get a 34000 block, just gather a month living expenses. These two or three years I was used from a man with two children as a single mother.

has experienced 4 years of immigrant life, from excitement, to the loss, to fall into the life of the trough, and later to stand up strong, brave to face the difficult life, rational face, rational integration. Only experienced hardships, can understand the hardships, to be able to enrich the meaning of life. Whether in the religious point of view, the pursuit of spiritual joy peace and passing away of eternal life, or to return to secular life to, immigration way the sweets and bitters of let me precipitated the vanity of life and impetuous, life can be clarified, understand the life because of love for one another to simplified, only then has the significance. Now looking back on our marriage, always the serenity to examine its wounds, I asked myself, before the husband understand it, tolerate it? True love is to stay in the nature of love, without any desire.

I am very grateful to the immigration integrity of my family, my husband is still my day and night care. In front of the green green grass, leisurely across the patches of white clouds, moderate the skin color groups, and children on the lawn happy rolling appearance, the former immigration Youmeng seen, I believe it is guided by the Holy Spirit, to bring my family to the peaceful land, to start a new life.

daughter once asked me, "if a football match, the two sides are China and Canada, mom, you want to win the championship?" This is an either or question, let me temporarily difficult to answer, but I'm sure, when the five-star red flag rising, I get tears in my eyes, for China's prosperity and proud; when the Canadian championship, I will excited, excited, this is, after all, my second hometown. The pros and cons, it is very difficult to make a choice, this is the general attitude of the old and new immigrants. 30 years later, when I have been doddering, sitting in front of the fireplace with wood burning, surrounded by flames, to review my life, for the selection of immigration I have no regrets.

remember India a religious master Osho once said, the choice of means lost. Since the decision, do not regret it. Where there is nothing to lose the sale, where there is always the scenery of life, as long as the satisfaction is good.

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