[HTC] to turn your life pressure on VR turn easily?

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zhongtonghuayangzhineng· 2016-05-27 23:39:00

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in fact, as early as the beginning of this year, when the news came out, HTC chairman Wang Xuehong will set up an independent VR new company, HTC holds all equity.

yesterday, Cher in Guiyang in China the 2nd big data industry summit recognized that HTC is will be its fledgling virtual reality (VR) business spin off as an independent company, the new subsidiary will by HTC wholly owned. />

now, HTC will VR independent business, the establishment of a new company, in fact is a wise choice, first of all, it will directly off the link between HTC VR services and mobile phone business to ensure VR business not to be dragged down the mobile phone business, independent operation. />


Wang Xuehong said: "HTCVive is indescribable exquisite beyond compare. HTCVive will overturn a industry in each field, HTC vive will application in the industry's largest, vive will also be able to applied to the field of education, vive laboratory will replace today's traditional, astronomy, geography, language, student, physical and chemical laboratory. " />

in pass Huayang intelligent wearable (zncdun),

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